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  1. If I'm on accutane do you think it would be bad to do TCA CROSS at the same time for some scars. It seems pretty localized unlike a peel.
  2. Try using an AHA on them. Try using a mandelic acid product like mama or nucelle. I have the exact same problem you are describing, slowly but surely its bringing back the color and texture of my skin. It's been about 6 days of using mama and there is a dramatic improvement.
  3. I've got a question for the OP! Did it help improve skin texture? Like smooth out lumpiness or anything like that? Your results are amazing and gives me hope for my mandelic acid regimen!
  4. I guess I've been really cautious because of what happened to me with BP even though I eased myself into that - my face was one big burning, red, flaking, pimply mess and I was scared of going through that again. Another member recommended I take it really easy with the MaMa but it's nothing on BP and so much more effective for me. I am ready to go twice daily - thanks for the reassurance.
  5. If your redness is caused by irritation from dryness, then yes. If your redness is from post acne marks or active acne, then it tends to make it more visible.
  6. I've used MaMa twice daily from the get go. I'm only on day 4 right now.
  7. Many of my fellow Marines swear by Mama. We all had to get sprayed in the face with OC spray (Hell on earth) for qualification and we pretty much all broke out due to hydraulic needle effect. We use Mama with astonishing results. It usually takes about 2 months for full restoration.
  8. For me, ProActiv reduced the amount of acne I had slightly. More or less it would just make the pimples go away faster, but there would be another one right there to take its place.
  9. I've been using tried BP and Mama lotion simultaneously and it was too irritating for me. I dropped the BP.IMO Mandelic Acid gives BP a run for its money.