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  1. Hey sorry for the late update.~ The product is, Nivea Baby Softcreme with panthenol, Mine doesn't say (hydrating cream), though. but oh well This is about my 4th week using it and I got to say amazing reasults with the regimen. BP gel alone only gets me about 90% clear but with this b5 creme really tops it off. Here I found it, although mine has a slighty differen't picture on the front, I think it is the same thing... http://products2.nivea.com/products.php?page_id=1230&lan=com _____
  2. Nivea Sun "moisturising Sun Lotion" spf 20..water resistant -Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane -Titanium Dioxide -Ethylhexyl Triazone, -Methybenzylidence Camphor -Vitamin E Acetate -Lanolin Alcohol(Eucerit) --------------- Anyone think this will break my face out..? I have Eucerin Skin Renewl spf 15..but it washes of when I going swimming and then I get sunburned and then more acne follows that. I use this on my body and I never get burned and it stays on during swimming, but I don't know if i
  3. I don't know the technical terms but basically the sun will burn off bacteria that helps your skin fight off acne. It will also help clear up current acne that you have. But then boom, a week later you should be experiencing break-outs unless you are just lucky. Suncreen will protect you, but like me I usaully am in the water alot and my suncreen washes off and I get a slight sun-burn...about 5-7 days later I break out in those areas...always So yes it is ok to go into the sun with suncreen bu
  4. Actually I made a mistake, the Active ingredient is: Panthenol (Pro-vitamin b5) I think this is why it slighty burns around my eyes because it's Panthenol I guess being like Menthol..but less harsh and doesn't cause acne. and it's a creme not a lotion
  5. One week UPDATE Becoming EXTREMLY clear and excellent complextion just like last year, although im not getting my hopes up, but I believe this stuff really works well along with dan's regimen.. I always used the highest tolerable amount of BP gel and always about 90% clear but now im 100% and excellent overall complextion, i think stuff is great. yet again the product im using is, Nivea Baby Soft, ( /w Pantothenic acid "Pro vit. b5) (oil-free) I also use Aloe vera sometimes for redness, and
  6. I used this product last year becuase it was the only lotion I could find with-out oil in it. .(thailand) It was called, Nivea Baby Soft..with Pantothenic acid. It wasn't a good mousterizer but I became EXTREMLY CLEAR when I used it along with dan's bp gel..After I ran out and switched mousterizers I went back to 90-95% barable clear skin..and then back to bad skin with decent moustierzers like Eucerin... at the time I didn't really pay attention about what mousterizers I used, considering now
  7. I am also using, Panoxy 5% BP gel,...because the 2.5% Panoxy gel is MUCH more harsh and it smells and stings like harsh alchole, also has a different texture and color. The 5% (same brand and tube) Is very differen't it doesn't sting and feels more like dan's bp gel...although I still get a red face
  8. Hi, I have sensitive skin, on regimen for 2 years.. I can use a full dose of bp (dan recommended) once a day :night... But this is not enough bp for me to get 100% clear and I can't add anymore because of redness, (yes severe redness after 2 years straight) I was wondering if it would be benifical to use it TWICE/DAY but only half dose of BP.. this reminds of doing anti-biotic pills..instead of doing a full 1000mg at night, because the anti-biotic only works for about 12 hours, you use it 2
  9. This is a book he wrote about the 4 steps for clear skin.. I don't have the book but I found a website that basically told me everything...lol According to Dr. Dubrow, acne has four distinct stages, and you must attack all four in order to wipe it out. The stages are: Dry cells mixed with sebum and block the pores; Sebum ballon builds up behind the clog; Bacteria infect the build-up Curative inflammation spreads the condition. In an effort to combat all four, Dr. Dubrow has come u
  10. Hey thanks, izelemontea, I also read up at some sites and they said, it takes 4-6-weeks for it to kick-in!! and 2-3 months to see full resualts... but I don't understand.. if it takes 4-6 weeks for the anti-biotic to work, why is it why I get a soar throat docters perscribe Amoxycillin for about 1.5 weeks..and the anito-bioctic kicks in at about 3 days and the soar-throat is gone...same thing when I get food bacteria...hmm so if I don't stay strict at taking 1000mg Treta/day, it wont start
  11. I think thai people take care of themselves by going to local pharmacies and buying what they need, instead of a docter, although there is a docter down-town and I went to him and he said I had some sort of herpes!! my acne is not that bad, just consistant, so I don' think im going to take the Accutine...jus the anti-biotics.. anyone know how much I should take?>? 150lbs also, how long is it safe to take the anti-biotic...3 months?...6months.. 1 year??
  12. Thanks for a goodt post, I have both 5%, and 2.5% (Panoxly) over a 1 year experiment for me, I swear the 2.5% is almost a totally differen't gel and acually it burns more then the 5%, so I switched to 5% a week ago again and less redness then the 2.5%...I have no idea why, they look, feel, react like differen't gels....anways ill try the one-time at night regimen, and try to order dan's ^ ^ I have Cetaphil and Dove bar I don't know which is better but Dove feels nice, but might be over-drying.
  13. Hi, i live north thailand, although there is no dermatologist for about 1,000 miles I pretty much filled up my bathroom with every acne fighting drug from a local pharmacy. The pharmacy carries everything even steriods so this is what I got: Tetracycline, 200 tabs...(.5 cents a tab..) ) Accutine, (roccutane) .....to guess...about 4-5 year supply Aspirin 100 tabs Amoxicilly 200 tabs Penicillin 200 tabs Isotrex Gel (a topical form of Roaccutane)..don't ask about 15$ USD (total) ^ ^ I was an