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  1. Thanks yall for your encouragement!!! I'm almost there!
  2. I've been on retin a cream since Thanksgiving '07 and what a change it has made in the number of breakouts I have... 0-1 each month. Inflammatory acne is practically gone with the use of bp in the mornings and scars are fading quickly after using noncomedogenic sunscreen and vit E lotion everyday. Ok so everything did not go as smooth as it may sound(during X-mas break I had like 15 pimples across my face literally like ornaments draping across my jaw bones.) But I have watched retin a dry out m
  3. I've been peeling ever since i started this damn cream.
  4. God 50 ppl have looked at my post and no one has answered. Anyway It's been probably 8 weeks now and I still am getting small pustules. BUT THAT's GOOD NEWS! They are so much smaller and last less than 2 days. My brown/red scars are fading quickly and my skin is shedding lightly. My pores look super duper small and my skin has been almost totally resurfaced. It's so paying off... WHO SAID RETIN A CREAM DOESNT WORK AS WELL AS THE GEL
  5. I'm probably at my 7th week on Retin A cream and I definitely am experiencing less pimples and pustules than the initial breakout.(I have 3 actives and about 8 med brown spots) My complexion is messed up from red and brown spots, so I use an AHA and most recently a BHA once a day. The brown discoloration cause my pores to look larger and more noticeable. I feel like I should give up on Retin A cream now that I've heard it is comedogenic and was really created for dry,wrinkled skin in middle aged
  6. OMGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Well that word is actually "good" but you know what I mean. Anyway, I am guy, and I apply makeup on my face to cover up acne scars, discolorations, large pores, superficial and icepick scars, and to sop up excessive oil. And when I first started, I too looked at my bathroom mirror in a dull yellow light and looked so normal and good. In fact, I got tons of confidence when I put it on everyday. Wouldn't give myself a second look or thought on how I looked outside in natural
  7. As others have been telling you. Lightly apply a cold icy compress and whatever you do...DO NOT TOUCH OR SQUEEZE IT. You might try applying some 2.5% BP or some antibiotic like clindamycin and cover the whole cyst. Also try eating only vegetables that contain a lot of water and/or beta carotene. Celery, carrots, broccoli. This should help with the body's natural response of inflammation. Hope you have Happy New Year!
  8. You probably didn't get any new breakouts in the hospital because you were in a place where most everything is sanitized or already clean. You probably didnt worry about your skin at that time nor did you touch your face. The bacteria causing acne infections did not spread as easily. Try washing your pillow shams and pillow cases once every 2 weeks and disinfecting them in between that time period. Air out your room and try not to become hot and sweaty when your sleeping.
  9. Thanks a lot!

    Merry X-Mas!

  10. I'm trying to make enough posts to chat and it seems like forever.