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  1. For those who have been on accutane, When did you clear, before or after the course? I am four months in and starting to break out again. Nothing major, just a few here and there , but for the past 2 mo. I was clear. What's going on?
  2. Has anyone only been on accutane for 3 months? If so what were the results? My derm put me on accutane 40 mg for 2 mo and 50mg this mo and said that this will be my last mo.That seemed like a short period of time to me. I'm a 24 yr old female and am 5'5 120 lbs.
  3. just wondering if anyone else my age noticed that they started to put on weight around the same time they developed acne. I'm a 24 yr old female and have always been pretty small- Throughout my teens and early twenties I stayed at 113 and am 5'5.In the past 2 yrs (that is when my acne started) I've gained almost 10 lbs, I now weigh 121 lbs. Could there be a connection or am I reaching here?
  4. maybellene great lash in the pink tube. It's the best
  5. hey guys, I'm a 24 year old female and weight 120 pounds.I've been on 40 mg for two months now and love the results.A few breakouts here and there but nothing major.Do you think I'll have to have my dosage increased?I really don't want to b/c i'm afraid I'll breakout really bad.
  6. what about decaf? I know , what's the point right. I just love the taste of coffee and can't imagine giving it up completely
  7. Is it ok to drink while on accutane? If not does anyone know why?
  8. I'm on my 4th week of accutane and just had a huge cyst pop up. I dabbed a little vinegar on it and woke up and it's all red, but i don't have a whitehead or anything. Was this a bad idea? Anyone use vinegar or lemon while on accutane? I can't stand not using anything
  9. Is it ok to use the vinegar method while on accutane?Anyone done this with good results?
  10. I don't have any scars, just red marks that last about a month
  11. Well, I just couldn't stand it so I popped a pimple. I'm currently on 40 mg of accutane per day. Has anyone popped while on accutane? Am I gonna have a nasty scar?
  12. my breakout started middle of my second week but it is horrible. Do most people get it later than that?
  13. Hi all, I'm on my third week and just wondering when this horrible breakout will go away! What about the redness?
  14. I know that u are not supposed to use any topicals while on accutane, but does anyone know if it is ok to use rubbing alcohol on cysts?