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  1. hahaha you're right! and no theyre not blemishes they're red marks. blemishes are active pimples
  2. Hey Mister 2, good luck with you're regimen I just want to say that when i started Tretinoin 0.1% i had very similar results. AND In my opinion, those little bumps you see after your dead skin is being peeled off are actually the Initial Breakout. SO don't expect anything big.
  3. they're probably blemishes and not red marks NO, a blemish is still an active pimple. I have ONE right now and i always thought it was a red mark ! they're like the ones that you can't pop cause it's just blood, however you can try opening the pores to take the blemish away with facial steam.
  4. Well i've been using 12 % Glycolic Acid (AHA) and i see a HUGE and i mean HUGE difference the next day, i also use tretinoin 0.1% (Retin-a) before i put it though. if you're going to do this BEWARE: Mixing both AHA and Retin-A can cause major sensibility to sun and smoother skin! tha's why i moisturize with SPF15
  5. You know when i was in 8 weeks on tretinoin 0.1 my skin was red and i still had pimples here and there! You shouldnt quit right now because it's working the IB! Continue to use it and dont out too much if your face is red! that means youre skin needs rest from the chemicals im on 3 months right now and i am left with red marks and just 3 little pimples
  6. Cheese, Alcohol, fast food, coffee, milk, etc etc. ....
  7. Ok that sounds gooo! I used them together again and as soon as it stinged i rubbed watter with a q-tip and the next day my severe red marks had diminished like 50%! 0_0!!!! i was soo happy :D i still can't believe it!
  8. Since your a guy, where do u buy your em?
  9. Yea same here i've been to local drugs in Cal and there are none! except Alpha Hydrox Glycolic Acid 12% but it says its for old wrinkly people. but it's also used for acne
  10. 18 but age has nothing to do with it. It's the chemicals we use. maybe...but i had been using the same chemical (benzoyl peroxide) from 14 to 23, and when I was a teen I had horrible acne but it didn't scar nearly as badly as it does now...I've been off of BP for about 8 months now too...Whether or not age has to do with red marks, I'm positive that it make you more likely to get indented scars. As you age, you lose collagen. Or maybe those creams from 5 years ago have been altered!?!
  11. 18 but age has nothing to do with it. It's the chemicals we use.
  12. yOU KNOW I THINK you may be right! I've been using tretinoin .1 for 3 months and i'm left with red marks. and yesterday i didnt apply around my mouth where its always red and i founnd myself with less redness and lighter red marks