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  1. Oh, and I meant to title the post the SHELF life of Differin...
  2. I started using Differin about 14 months ago. It seemed like it was working (though very slowly)... I had one big breakout about 2 months into treatment; I got discouraged and I quit using it. Well, I've had some trouble staying clear since I quit using it. I still have 2/3 of the tube left and I was thinking about trying to start using it again. I've lost my health insurance (thanks to good, old fashioned American college debt), so I can't afford to see my dermatologist any time soon. I was
  3. Man, these posts are killing me... I am on the verge of taking Accutane. It is my last resort. All I have to do is tell my dermatologist I'm ready, and he'll write the prescription. But every time I see a post like this one it really starts to worry me... I don't want to lose my hair, have back problems and joint problems, and lose my eyesight! But I can't take my skin looking the way it does anymore. I mean, I CAN'T! I don't know why I posted this reply; I guess I'm just really worried. I kno
  4. I had just decided the night that the episode aired, after thinking long and hard about it, that I was going to get over my fear of the side effects and I was going to get Accutane. Then I watched the episode and started having second thoughts... Now that I have had time to think about it, it wasn't the medicine that made that dude kill his dermatologist; that guy was just fuckin' crazy. Thanks Dateline NBC, for giving all your viewers something new to worry about each week!
  5. I've tried Proactiv twice... The first time I tried it was when I was 16. It did absolutely nothing for me. I don't even know why I tried it a second time (probably those damn convincing advertisements). I was 20 years old and, again, it did absolutely nothing to help fight or prevent acne. I did find that the sulfur mask helped dry sudden breakouts A LITTLE, but it didn't work well enough to even waste the time picking up the phone or going online to order the stuff. Proactiv = FAILURE!
  6. Just a picture - fixed zits by photoshop :(
  7. Lara, I just went through all 14 pages of your roaccutane logs. Your progress was amazing! A friend of mine just finished taking accutane for six months and she is raving about the results. I am thinking about going on accutane, myself. My dermatologist said it was my decision, and I think that I want to try it out. I'm worried about the side effects, though. I've read A LOT on Accutane in the past few weeks, and there are people out there who make Accutane sound like it's a terrible, terrible
  8. I'm 22. I have whiteheads in the corners of my nose. I have whiteheads on my chin. I have whiteheads on my cheeks (although, those are less noticeable, I notice them)... What can I do? It's really, REALLY getting to me. I TRY my best not to pick and squeeze them, but if I don't, they just stay there, never going away unless I mess with them. After I squeeze all the "poison" out, I look better, at least for a period of 12 hours, after which they suddenly reappear. I am so tired of having to sq
  9. Dude, I just went through all your pics and your skin has really cleared up! I haven't got any of the supplies yet (I just joined yesterday), but I hope my skin changes like yours did (it probably wont; my problem is more with whiteheads than the kind of acne your had). Anyway, your skins looking great!
  10. Hi. My name is Andy. I am so tired of having this problem with acne! I'm 22 years old and it's really keeping me from going out into the world. Some days I skip class (college) because I'm so embarrassed by the way I look. Honestly, does this regimen really work? My biggest problems are blackheads on my nose (sometimes other places on my face), what I call "normal" zits (the kind that are inflamed and eventually grow a whitehead), and WHITEHEADS! Whiteheads on my chin, around my nose, spaced o