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  1. do any of you guys know how to reduce your scars while on accutane?
  2. anyone know whats the best way to help prevent or lighten the appearance of scars while on accutane? thanks for the help in the future all is appreciated
  3. i need a good exfoliating mask does anyone know what a good choice is? thanks for all your help guys
  4. i bought australian emu oil off ebay its pretty thick until you heat it up then it becomes really liquidy. when it cools back down it turns thick is that good? heres the link let me know what you guys think about it http://cgi.ebay.com/EMU-OIL-100-PURE-NATUR...1742.m153.l1262
  5. why dont i have those funny dreams with the hot moms and hot daughters? haha
  6. do you use a neutrogena wave?
  7. thats how i feel like man im 17 and im always at home. they dont really understand
  8. oh yeah i forgot heres the link for anyone that wants to read it. it shouldnt be a secret to anyone http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;hl=vitamin+b5
  9. yeah theres a form about vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid) its like accutane it helps slow down oil production so you have less oil on your face. less oil means that the bacteria cant feed off little or nothing so they die off. ill send you the form
  10. i would never recomend someone starting BP once you use it you have to keep using it or you will break out. BP causes redness and irritaion why would someone rather walk around with redmarks than acne its the same thing?
  11. It does not work for me but it works perfectly for my husband. Everyone's skin is different, but the ingredients in Proactiv will work for a lot of people with mild/moderate acne whose skin responds well to BP. The Proactiv cleanser should not tear the shit out of your skin. You should cleanse your face very very gently, using just your fingertips, and gentle gentle gentle!!! I swear, I know you feel like you need to scrub your face but that's counter productive. Cleansing is just to swee
  12. some ppl say that it is possible a person would never grow out of acne because the body wants to still make sex hormones and that lacks co enzyme a to break down food
  13. it would probably cause lots of wrinkles
  14. yeah hormones can be imbalanced thats why there is a lack of co enzyme a in your body that doesnt break down the food properly and it gets thrown out of your sebum glands and then the bacteria feeds off the oil. have you looked into B vitamins? (PANTOTHENIC ACID= CO ENZYME A)