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  1. well I am still getting pimps. very small ones here and there, they go away after a couple days and are barely noticeable. but still, I know I'm going to need product. so how long should I wait? anyone?
  2. Ok, I just finished up my round of accutane (approx. 5 months) and my acne is completely clear. But to make sure it stays that way, I figure I'll start using dan's regimen. My question is... how long should I wait before using it? I know it dries out the skin really bad so I didn't use it while on accutane. It's been about a month since I went off it, now how long do you guys generally think I should wait until my skin is back to normal?
  3. DAY: COMPLETELY DONE Holy pooper scoops, the reason I haven't been updating in a while (I've past day 150 a while back) is because I've been enjoying my COMPLETELY clear face! Accutane really saved my life. I still have some scarring left which will be gone after some microdermabrasion, which I won't be doing for a couple months (gotta recouperate) but I can't wait. I'm hoping this is permanent, but I'm not relying on it. I'll probably end up taking it again, but I don't care, because this ha
  4. ACCUTANE: Day 53 IT BURNS! GET THIS ACNE OFF MY FACE!! It's not even that bad... some of the people on this board... you people are my heroes, you're so much stronger than I am. I get a little bit of acne and I totally go insane, I wish I could stick through it like you guys. If you guys think I shouldn't use the BP than I won't... but it's so frustrating. I'm hitting my 2 months around now, so I'm hoping that mine starts going away. Then I can use the regimen to stay acne free. Thanks for the
  5. Day 52 Wow, I just had the biggest breakout ever. My face was actually looking pretty decent and now I look like a toad... I feel like killing myself, hope this is a sign my body is still getting use to the accutane. I'm gonna start my regimen soon, probably tomorrow or the next day.
  6. Alright, it's day 50! Hurrah! I'm happy that I've reached 33% of my treatment, however, I'm not sure if the accutane is working... the side effects (sadness/sore joints/chapped lips) went away after the 3rd week, and now it doesn't seem like I'm getting any signs that I'm on accutane at all... I'm scarred that this isn't going to work, and I'm going to have to live the rest of my life with acne.
  7. lol, it's not that simple. I've tried many times to just ignore people and go on living my life like I don't care about my acne... but I can't. I know your pain... so many many times I've skipped going out with friends to stay home and be alone playing games on my computer. I've missed countless parties, I got fired from a job and I've been kicked out of school twice for missing too many classes. My parents don't know what to do with me... they think if I got more sun my problems would be solv
  8. Well the only reason I was concerned about bacne, and chimples (I like it, it is cute lol) is because BP gel and most products that have BP in them are very expensive. And washing my back and chest with them obviously uses a lot of it. So I guess I was looking for a cheaper alternative. lol, I don't want to sound like a cheapo, but I am. I have no job right now and I live at home with my parents. (I'm only 19 give me a break god dammit)
  9. Besides the acne on my place, one of the things that bothers me the most is my bacne and the acne of my chest... I don't really get acne there anymore, but I still have so many pimples and scars left over from when I did. I'm trying desperately to get rid of them, what's the best solution? I know everyone's different, but some suggestions would be nice.
  10. ACCUTANE: Day 39 I'm not actually on the regimen yet, I have to get a job first. Because my parents won't help me out money wise to buy acne products that are need for the regimen. So I'm just on accutane. And I've been on it for about 39 days. The first couple weeks I got pretty bad breakouts, so bad I didn't go out in public. But those quickly went away around the 2nd and 3rd weeks. Things seem to be getting a little better really slowly, but every so often I'll get a huge breakout out of
  11. I don't know if this is such a good idea, but this is what I plan on doing to clear up my acne. Accutane for 5/6 months (with monthly visits to the dermatologist) while using the regimen to clear up skin, and for any future breakouts a dose of retin-a micro, then back to the regimen. I know they say NOT to use retin-a micro, but with the combination of accutane (which I'm on now) it completely destroys the acne, but leaves really really dry skin which goes away in a couple days. Then after th
  12. I know it's better to leave this question to a professional, but I wanted to ask you guys since it's going to take me like a month before I actually see the dermatologist. I'm on day 34 of accutane, and all the side effects have gone away, I'm not getting mad break outs and my joints and everything is fine. But it doesn't seem like my skin is drying up and the old acne isn't going away. It's been like 2 weeks since I saw any sign that I'm even on accutane. My lips aren't even dry anymore, and
  13. I noticed a while after taking accutane that my bones are starting to hurt, especially in my jaw. And my eyes are starting to burn, not bad, but they are. It says in the booklet that these are signs I should tell my doctor about and they may be reasons to stop taking accutane... That kind of scares me, because I've tried everything else, and if this doesn't work I'm pretty much stuck with the acne I got for a long time. Should I tell my doctor? Or just continue taking the accutane.
  14. Ok, so I'm on Accutane now, only for a week or so. But I'm getting mad breakouts (now I know this is normal) but my booklet doesn't say how long these breakouts are gonna keep happening! It's really making me depressed. Since now I look worse than I did when I wasn't on accutane. I haven't been this bad for months. Edit: Oh, and should I use retin-a micro while I'm on accutane?
  15. I drank the other day, because I'm a moron! I only had a few beer. But I'm wondering how long I should wait to take accutane. (I took the tests and everything, my liver is fine....) I have it right in front of me now, but I'm thinking I should wait a bit for my liver to recover.