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  1. For females, I don't know if it is the same or less/worse as males, but I do know that everyone who has read this thread is indeed experiencing a birth in progress because that is what it feels like.... :S
  2. Countdown, I’m just curious…why would you do 4 rounds of accutane when you were experiencing such extreme side effects? Did they only occur on your 4th round? I also wonder if the physical ailments you suffer today are the result of taking accutane at such a young age while you were still developing. Just like women should not take accutane while pregnant because it will cause the fetus to develop birth defects. Myself, I took accutane when I was 20 after I stopped growing. I had seve
  3. I have tried skintactix antibacterial cleaner and the green tea poultice. The cleanser did remove oil and the green tea poultrice worked ok on my occasional bump. However, Neutrogena Oil-Fee Acne Wash and regular BP worked just as well and cheaper. If you have severe acne as I had then skintactix probably won’t do much for you. My acne as well was resistant to all the precription drugs I took over 3 years: erythromycin, tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline with cleocin-t and retin-a gel.
  4. My question to you would be what other drugs have you taken besides minocycline? Everyone is different and your problems may come back after weaning off it or it may not. Only time will tell. If you use me as an example for a span of almost 3 years my dr had me on erythromycin, tetracycline, doxycycline, and minocycline. While also using cleocin-t and retin-a gel...not to mention all the otc products I tried. Nothing slowed down my acne until the dr finally put me on accutane.
  5. My experience with side effects was pretty much on the extreme side. I took 120mg of accutane a day for 8 months and it was rough. I had all the side effects, nose bleeds, severe muscle/joint pain (could not drive long distances in the car because my lower back would start hurting to much), extreme dry skin, hair, and eyes. The one that was hardest to get use to was my lips became so dry they would continually be bloody from splitting and peeling. It was nearly 2 years after finishing accutane
  6. This is an issue I haven't read about on this board yet. I noticed after I passed into my 30's that scars I had from acne started becoming more pronounced too. When I asked my derm about it he said it was the result of loosing collagen as one gets older.. I had a year of microdermabrasion with chemical peels. It did make the texture and pigment of my skin look better as well but really didn't help that much with reversing the scars. Now I've just started fraxel so I'll see in 6 mo
  7. theone751

    Random Pics

    Random Pics
  8. Your from Chicago... I won't complain anymore about any type of winter weather we have here. :-)

  9. Thanks for letting me know. I dont think skintactix works for me either. I may have to try accutane. Im just scared of it lol

    So how is your skin now?

  10. I really can't say if skintactix will clear your skin. Nothing cleared my skin either otc or prescription until I took accutane. I bought skintactix to see if it would help control my oily skin. Which it really didn't work any better or worse than oil-free acne wash by neutrogena for me.

  11. hey do you use skintactix? I just got that and I was wondering if I should expect a clear face...

  12. As in one of your other threads I commented in, I switch between minocycline and doxycycline. Currently I have a prescribe for minocycline. I've been switching back and forth the last several years when my body becomes immune to the affects of what I'm currently taking. Personally, I don't break out when switching. But, not everyones body reacts the same. I also don't take either one everyday either. The derm prescribed it for me to take as needed when I actually feel the mass coming on the
  13. How sweet :-) thank you so very much for the B-day wishes!..and thanks for all your nice PM's. I'm just terrible at writing back(it takes me forever)...im so sorry.