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    Updated with Day 16.
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    Updated with Day 11.
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    Agent's Log

    Updated with Day 10.
  4. If that's the Neutrogena BP I think it is, that's probably contributing to your dryness. Their BP is generally thick and hard to spread and makes my skin super dry. :[ I would advise just to lay off that in the morning. It might help.
  5. It probably wouldn't make much of a difference, except maybe less dryness. You should get generally the same results.
  6. Definitely go with Cetaphil or some kind of gentler wash. Trust me - before I went to the derm I thought products were different and the harsh stuff was better. It isn't true! Go gentle - it's the best way. Also, most products are the same (except some more gentle than others) but with different labels, so just keep up with the regimen or go to a derm!
  7. Agent

    Agent's Log

    Updated with Day 9.
  8. Ok - don't believe people telling you to buy other products. Everything is basically the same - almost all acne products contain BP. It's going to be drying. It's pretty much the most effective thing for acne that is OTC. Just be lotion and you should be fine. BUT - Make SURE it's non comedogenic!
  9. Agent

    Agent's Log

    Updated with Day 8.
  10. Yeah - Acnexus is a scam. I've never had an experience with it, but numerous people I know have.
  11. I read your log! Anyways - wow, just within the past 2 weeks your skin has cleared up! Nice! Keep going with it. I'm sure all these sideeffects are well worth it (at least it would be for me.)
  12. I need a moisturizer for very severe dry skin. I've tried many many moisturizers. Aveeno, Olay, etc just won't work! My dry skin is very stubborn to these. What moisturizer will stop this dryness?