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  1. Just wanted to update this. I started breaking out due to consuming carbs I should not have. I read up on Lavender oil and read some good things and decided to add what I had to the mix. Works even BETTER, like much better. My spots from that breakout cleared up very quickly. I had 2 breakouts on my nose which were very red and embarrassing, I've had those before in that location and they usually take a good week or longer to just live with. This mixture reduced redness and started healing
  2. It's not unusual for some treatments to make you break out before it gets better. In my opinion the very first things you should do is cut out Carbs / Sugars almost completely and then binge on green vegetables. Try eating broccoli every day. You really have to be super strict about cutting out the sugar. Gut health is probably the main contributing factor for Acne IMO and sugar will severely disrupt it. A good probiotic can help, learn to make Kombucha. I made a post recently in here about u
  3. Your skin doesn't look horrible. The scars will fade some over time, but they aren't a big deal anyhow. Read my last post in this forum, it may help you. Also be sure to cut out sugar / carbs. Eat a LOT of vegetables, broccoli especially. Stick close to the Keto Diet. Sugars will cause hormone imbalances.
  4. So, a while back I read some good things on Hemp oil. A family member owns a health food store so I picked some up. My results were so-so, it helped but didn't keep me clear. I had some cedar oil laying around and when I read something on it about helping skin I decided to mix it up with the Hemp oil and holy crap does it work! In the 2 months I've been using it I had maybe 3-4 pimples and that's because I was binging on ice cream, which normally would break me out like mad. The pimples dr
  5. Childish and rediculous, close the topic, close my account for that matter. Not sure why there are kids here who are pratically children moderating. http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/02/briefing/3882b2_06_international%20ibuprofen%20foundation.htm Do some more extensive research. You're spreading propaganda, it's extremism. I could say just about anything is dangerous in enough quantity including water. Taking low doses is safe, long term, it's prescribed often long term much higher t
  6. It's not dangerous over long term. If you're repeating stuff like "you're going to get Stevens-Johnson syndrome" then you have no clue what you're talking about. Ibuprofen is safe, read up on the actual studies. You can take FAR more than 200mg daily without any side effects for the rest of your life. Please don't try to play Dr / Scientist if you don't know the facts.
  7. At the levels I am taking I could take it for years, if not the rest of my life. I've tried natural stuff before but didn't get these kinds of results. Plus it's dirt cheap, on amazon you can get 500 tablets for around $9. I've also successfully taken a break from it 3+ days before I started again without issue. It seems it doesn't take much, I find it pretty amazing since I have tried everything and just a little Ibuprofen does the trick. More people need to try this.
  8. I happened to figure this out by luck. I have tried nearly every OTC acne treatment and most prescription stuff. I have even done high doses of Vitamin A on my own. Apparently my acne is an inflamatory problem of some sort because the single best thing I have ever done is.... Ibuprofen! Not kidding. I did some google searches on it and it turned up a few results but not what I expected it to. It works as well as antibiotics which are the only thing that has ever really worked for me.
  9. Interesting bit of information there, thanks. Maybe it is the combination of both that have helped, or maybe just one or the other. I haven't heard of anyone using the D topically either, which is strange to me. I may have to purchase a bottle of safflower oil and see if that works as well without the D.
  10. Of course some will, that's going to happen with anything you put on your face before bed. You can put it on whenever you want but your face is going to look pretty oily.
  11. Blood sugar spikes / drops are about the worst thing for acne. If you can keep your blood sugars level you probably wont break out at all. There are 3 hormones that are effected by it which cause excess oil, excess skin cells and the clumping of skin cells (lack of ability to flake off).
  12. I only put it on before bed, nothing else but the hemp moisturizer I posted a link to, sometimes the other moisturizer but rarely.
  13. I didn't keep a log of my results so I can't give you an accurate answer. I can tell you that you should expect to still get breakouts for a bit while doing it. I would say it took me 3-4 weeks before I stopped breaking out at all. It probably took about a week or less to notice that I was breaking out a lot less and redness and irritation were noticeably reduced within a day. Glad to see somebody else trying this. I think the liquid pills cut open would work well too. The liquid D I use is not
  14. Anyone doing this yet? After over a month of doing this I can say now that it IS the solution! I am no longer having ANY break outs of any sort. This is a bit of miracle for me considering I am in my 30s and have dealt with this since I was in my teens and tried nearly everything out there. Now, it is possible that my body has gone through some changes naturally and caused this to happen, but I doubt it. I would really like to see more people try this and post results! http://www.amazon