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  1. Thanks so very much indeed for your extremely elaborate reply, Seppo! I have coincidentally ordered a book a week ago, by the author of whom you speak; Douglas Graham. The book is entitled: "The 80/10/10 Diet" and has received great reviews, so I'm looking forward to reading more indepth information about a fruitbased diet. Once again thx for the informative reply, you seem very capable and knowledgeable, and it is always a treat to get advice from such a person
  2. Guess I just don't see the point of an only-fruit diet. =/ Wouldn't it be better to have a balance of fruits, vegetables, fats, and meat?
  3. Hello Having read a lot of Seppo Pousa's writings on this board and his homepage, I decided to make a diet change towards making fruit make up my primary calorie intake. Generally I eat very healthy, and skip most if not all processed foods, sodas, refined sugar etc etc. I have in the past tried to eat a lot of fruit, but found that I often mixed it with coconut oil etc etc and generally having a decently high percentage of calories coming from fat, alongside the fruit intake. It didn't reall
  4. I've been thinking about starting to drink some kefir on a regular basis. But but buuuuut ! Traditional Kefir is fermented in milk, and I've cut out dairy for many months, because of hearing alot of bad things about it in regards to acne - and also it seems quite unnatural to drink another animals milk So what's the alternative...? Water kefir? But also there, I hit a brick wall, as you're supposed to use generous amounts of sugar for the fermentation, and I've cut out all refined sugars fr
  5. If a teaspoon of Glucomannan in a glass of water gel's up in about 30 - 60 sec, what is say...3 grams of PGX supposed to do? I tried opening 6 (3 grams) of my PGX capsules and mixing the contents in a glass of water, and it didn't really seem to start turning the water into gel before 30 - 60 _minutes_ ! So...30-60 sec vs 30-60 minutes, hmm? So I guess what I'm asking, have I bought a lowquality PGX fiber supplement, or is it normal time for PGX to turn into gel? Could some other PGX use
  6. Hello Having read varies posts in this forum and countless other posts around the web, that states xylitol is a highly recommended sweetener - supposed to be good for you and yield a very low glycemic index. Since I have cut out regular table sugar from my diet, I decided to go out and buy some of this for use in tea, oatmeal etc. And I really love it I must admit! However, a recent article was just posted on www.naturalnews.com in regards to this Xylitol sweetener, which makes me quirk a bit
  7. LiliVG: You mentioned that you would switch to a coenzyme B complex? While still aiming at at complex 25 dosage. I have found this co-enzymate B complex: http://www.super-smart.eu/article.pl?id=0040 But I can't really figure out what "dosage" it is? So if you could help me out a bit...at first glance it does seem like a "25mg" ? Secondly, does it contain all the B vitamins it's supposed to, aswell as no bad stuff?
  8. I currently have a breakout very much similar to yours, and it's really getting on my nerves - especially since it's this time of year; christmas and new years eve, socializing extravaganza.. I will try to steam my face or dip in hot water, in hopes of clearing my pus-filled pimples a bit... About your turkey bath/sauna question, I have no input sorry ;-) I guess I'm just sympatizing with you ;)