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  1. 2 years after this thread, I want to give an update. What I do now is only wash my face when i take a shower at night. Once a day, no cleanser just water. Then after water, I apply aha once every 2 days. Also, fish oil supplements and apple cider vinegar. I am 99% clear these days with the odd pimple around the time my wife has her period. (weird right?). I no longer drink VERVE because it was simply too expensive, but i have no doubt that it helped me. Sorry for gravedigging this thread, I just
  2. Actually, sunscreen doesn't help with the appearance of red marks. Being in the sun will temporarily make your face look better by 'blending' your skin tone to look more even. Being in the sun for too long,however,could lead to a breakout (propaganda? ). AHA will help in getting rid of those redmarks. Goodluck.
  3. Propaganda? Say that to real people who have gotten real results from cutting out certain food item(s). Based on my own experience, certain foods like dairy cause me to break out in cystic acne. I went from having severe cystic acne to being 100% clear in two months by eating and living a healthier lifestyle. For me, I tried the regimen twice, the first time with moderate success and the second time, it probably made it worse. The only thing that cleared me up 100% was taking my daily vitamins,
  4. Youre stressing too much. I used to be like you. Live a healthier lifestyle (exercise, lower your stress, proper nutrition) and im sure youll see a difference. I recommend a simple cleaner like dans and a gentle moisturizer. Goodluck!
  5. Try a simple cleanser like Dans and gently moisturizer like cetiphil. The aha makes my skin soft. Exercise and watch what you eat, it takes discipline but if you want clear skin bad enough, you can do it. Goodluck.
  6. i have no acne (anymore) but i still hang out here Imo, the biggest factor in me clearing up (and fast) is changing my lifestyle and eating habits. Make sure your body is balanced on the inside! Goodluck!
  7. Whats with the hate towards the weed? Not like hes smoking cigarettes or crack. Also with my skin, sleep doesn't really do much to it. I work a 6pm-6am shift and usually get about 3 hours of sleep 3-4 times a week and my skin still hasn't broken out. The only thing I could suggest is to do a quick rinse with just water after you're done exercising.
  8. I suggest you look up user reviews on google..homesites, naturally, always boast about the pros and hardly (if ever) mention the cons. Im still clear to this day exept for one red mark on my cheekbone from a huge cyst from about 6 months ago. >
  9. Shinanigans May I ask how this is Shinanigans? -Thanks.
  10. hows it working for your son?? UPDATES PLEASE!
  11. I wish you and your son the best of luck! Remember, that Vemma is a health drink, not a cure to acne! Unless he was lacking in vitamins or minerals it will probably not be a complete cure, however its nutrients and vitamins will be good for his health in general. Be sure he lives a healthy lifestyle and try to keep him positive. all of those combined is what I believe did the trick. Oh, and also the only topical I now use is dans AHA, its great for making my skin soft! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU GUYS!
  12. Hey I think I was the one that mentioned Vemma clearing me up completely. I dont believe Vemma by itself would have cleared me up the way it did. I think by me living a healthier lifestyle + Vemma that made all the difference. IMO I think I was lacking in some type nutrients or vitamin and that caused a imbalance in my system , IDK. Different things work for different people, but if this doesnt clear up your skin, it will at least give you the proper nutrients for your general health. Im a firm
  13. First off, Im using the big bottles..cheaper is always better in my book. I just take 2 oz in a shotglass every morning. However my mom has the little 2 oz bottles that I sometimes take when im feeling lazy. I definitely recommend the cheaper option though. I still take fish oil pills, have been for a lonnnng time now. It hasnt helped me with acne but im sure its good for your body. the price is the same everywhere except on ebay, where youll probably find it cheaper. Just make sure they aren
  14. well, the drink im taking IS a supplement..its called VEMMA ( vitamins essential minerals mangosteen and aloe vera, also green tea but its not in the name) lol. You can try to ebay it up for cheap but make sure its not expired/close to it. Ill send you a PM cus its against the rules to post websites apparently.