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  1. I went to a dermatologist 2 months back and she told me its Whey proteins that's aggravating my acne. So i completely stopped taking whey proteins for about 2 months now and i haven't really seen much of a difference.
  2. Customs and Duties are a big pain in the butt. Here in India the customs people really rip you off. PS: You don't have to pay customs for Gifts and Free Samples so maybe you should ask some one in the US to buy you your stuff and send it to you as a gift.
  3. You can even use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize a picture.
  4. The moderators haven't deleted my post yet so i think they are fine with me posting this thread here....
  5. More than half of the students don't pay attention. Just make sure you don't fumble while your presenting and i am pretty sure your presentation will go well. Best of Luck
  6. I am sure most of the people in this board are gonna be introverts because the wikipedia definition itself says that "Introverts often take pleasure in solitary activities such as reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, and using computers."
  7. Yes even i am facing the same problem. When ever i try to sit and study all i can think about is my skin and really cant concentrate on my work.
  8. I am planning to try it after my exams get over. The theory makes some sense but i doubt I'll see and drastic changes whiten 3 days. I'll post a thread before starting the 3 day regimen.
  9. The weight gainer you have posted seem to be pretty impressive...Its just got 6g of sugar which is the best part.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am having a hard time selecting an hairstyle that suites me. There are three different variations that i have tried so far and i have attached some pics. 1st Pic - Slight long hair left uncombed. 2nd Pic - Grass Cut. 3rd Pic - Simple Mohawk. Please select one that suites me best and if u think that there is some other hairstyle that would suite me better please do recommend....