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  1. Thanks...I stopped freaking out enough to make a doctors appointment and went earlier tonight. He is pretty sure its related to the minocycline but so far all I can do is wait 2-3 weeks to see if the ringing in my ears stops. Otherwise I will have to go back and they will try to figure things out. Kinda sucks to just have to wait to see if its anything worse but at least ringing ears is the only symptom I'm having and not lots of headaches or dizziness.
  2. Ok, so I actually wont be starting spiro tomorrow. I'm waiting for the side effects of the minocycline to play out. I've stopped all oral meds by reccomendation of my doctor and have 2-3 weeks to see if the ringing in my ears goes away before I should be concerned. (Impossible to not be concerned, seriously.) So if I do end up on spiro, I will start this log. But for now, hiatus.
  3. I am freaking out after finding this post. I've been on minocycline for the past 4 months and stopping today...switching to spiro. But I've had a ringing in my ears for the past few weeks and finally figured out that its probably related to the antibiotics. What do I do?!?!?!?!? I'm freaking out!! Will it go away when I stop the antibiotics? Do I need to see a doctor? ...freaking...out
  4. Hey, I just found your blog and wanted to tell you that I'm hoping things start going well for you since your past the 2 month mark! I'm starting spiro for the first time too, tonight/tomorrow...when I pick up my prescription and going to keep a log of it here. I'm glad to hear you haven't had any crazy side effects other than it hasn't been working that well. I'm now officially terrified of having that "new treatment" breakout... good luck!!! huckleberrylove Spiro Log
  5. Hello! I'm Stephanie... I've been on and off acne.org message boards for a year or so now...I've finally decided to start a regimen blog so I can track my progress and hear other peoples results. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Here's my story... I decided yesterday that I will not be taking anymore antibiotics. I tried really hard to avoid them and then I gave up and started taking minocycline in October, 3 pills a day. Three months later I went back pretty discouraged but
  6. Thanks for the recommendation but I tried Purpose for a while and didn't like. I can't remember if it made my face worse or just didn't help at all, but I stuck with it for a while and decided to go back to cetaphil. Now I'm thinking of going back to cetaphil again because at least that keeps my skin from being too ridiculously broken out. I'm about to give up on "gentle" cleansers, seriously, lol. I haven't been having much luck.
  7. I'm trying out Ameripure cleanser and toner and more...I'm not so sure about it. Has anyone tried this? It's the kind from american laser centers.
  8. I've heard that some acne medicines will initially give you a bad breakout (gets worse before it gets better). Does anyone know, either through experience or knowledge, that this can happen with new cleansers too? Specifically, the cleanser I am now using is supposed to be very gentle and a more "natural" way of healing skin, without harsh chemicals and aloe vera etc. I've been using it for a few days and my skin is just getting more horrible. I feel like a 20 yr old with a 13 yr old face. It s
  9. Hi, While I was browsing the forums the other day I noticed someones regimen included putting on both clindamycin and retin-a-micro at night. Those are the two prescriptions I have also, but I use clindamycin in the morning and retin-a-micro at night (I'm supposed to put it on every other night until I can handle every night, but I have been bad because it makes my skin so sore if i use it that often, so I've been a little lazy about it, and take longer breaks from it.) I'm thinking of sta
  10. Yay! I'm glad to hear some good reviews on the talc-free PF because I just bought some today and can't wait to use it tomorrow and see how it works out. I'm so shiny, so I'm hoping it helps that without making anything else worse. I also just ordered my free sample kit from Everyday Minerals and am even more excited about that. Although being able to just go to the store and buy PF is pretty convenient...
  11. So aside from the pissing contest that is going on... I'd just be generally afraid to use any type of silver on my face. There was just a guy on the news with blue skin because of silver, it as colloidal but still - doesnt make me a fan of silver. Plus, those little silver ball cookie decoration things (dragees) are banned in some states, so again, not feeling the idea of soap with silver in it. The soap is probably fine, but I still wouldn't use it. I really dont want to look like a smurf som