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  1. Hey, jus wondering if youve had any luck with getting rid of your nodular acne yet? Im just wondering, cause i still cant find anything on acne.org that can help with getting rid of mine. At first i didnt know exactly what those hard bumps were on my face, until when i read your post about nodular acne. So i think this is the closest description of what i have, too.
  2. does the bump hurt at all when u touch it? Also, the pic is kinda blury but the bump u hav looks like the ones i have, exsept that mine are around my chin/jaw areas
  3. Hi, this is a question for the people that have used ACV for a long time and have got some good results from it. What happens when you stop using the ACV all of a sudden? Do the results remain the same, or does your skin go back to the bad way it looked before?
  4. i forgot to say that i googled/yahooed a search for hard bumps on the face and found that some ppl have said these bumps may be Sebaceous Hyperplasia. http://www.emedicine.com/derm/topic395.htm Try this link, it shows info on this sebaceous thing, also there are treatments options too
  5. can u plz tell me more about it? does the bump feel hard and doesnt ever come to a head? becuz i may have the same problem as u do, except that i have more than just 1 bump and they are located on the chin areas. btw, ive also had them for over a year now and i have no clue as to how i can get rid of them. they never get smaller or bigger, never feel squishy and feel very hard and they never hurt when i touch them... but that doesnt mean i dont want to get rid of them lol, its just i dont know h
  6. Does this cream/gel work for cysts? damn it, i hate having cysts they make my face feel gross and ive had them for atleast a year now and still have not gone away. what can i do about them? they may be small, but so annoying and i sometimes feel like giving up becuz nothing seems to work...
  7. I searched for London Drugs and unfortunately there isn't one located in Toronto... Anyone know any stores (besides Shoppers Drug Mart since i can't find it there) in Toronto that would have this product?
  8. Has anyone had any luck finding this product in Toronto? I can't seem to find it in any Shoppers Drug Mart..
  9. Ok, if I happen to find this product, should I buy it or should I buy this product: Jamieson Vitamin A RetinolTM Night Renewal Treatment: (this is what it reads on the site) - helps reverse the signs of aging - a proprietary complex formulated with Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate encourages the natural skin renewal process to diminish existing facial lines and wrinkles - skin texture and tone are noticeably improved and uneven pigmentation reduced - fortified with Vitamins C and E to help impro
  10. Hey MG86 and everyone, Im just wondering if any1 in Canada has tried these products from a brand name called 'Jamieson' and would reccomend me to try? I wandered into Shoppers Drug Mart two days ago and was looking for a good vitamin C cream to use and then came across this brand and saw three of their products that tempted me to try: Jamieson Vitamin E Intense Super Firming Oil Treatment: - firms, heals and repairs - soy isoflavones stimulate collagen and elastin production for improved fir