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  1. Thanks for your help. I'm coming to the conclusion that it's not going to work for me as lots of plugs are coming out, but seem to be coming back again. I'm coming off the antibiotics soon as the Candida thing is definitely an issue for me. I've been given a Retin A gel which I hope will work and I've been wheat-free for a good two weeks which I think might be reducing the inflammed spots...early days though. We'll see! I did use mineral make-up some years ago and loved it, but now my skin's so
  2. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out? I recently started using the oil cleansing method using a combo of jojoba and castor oil as my skin has started getting crazily dry as I've been getting older (I'm 26 now) and it was flaking all the time no matter how much moisturiser I was using. After about four days, my skin stopped flaking, but it broke out really badly on my chin. I got 15 huge spots on my chin in ONE day and have millions of whiteheads now-though my chin was always very bloc
  3. Hi there, There's tonnes of stuff on these pages which explains how it works so it's worth looking through the archives. But basicially it's a acid derived from the sweet almond and works by getting rid of the top layers of skin, regulates oil production and apparently it's also antibacterial. It's kind of like a thick liquid (serum) x
  4. Hi guys. Not sure if any of you remember me, I used to come on this board a lot over Christmas. Like you, my skin was ruining my life! (I'm nearly 24) Just wanted to really let you know how I was getting on. Well, the mandelic acid has really turned my life around. January this year, my skin was horrific. Wish I'd taken pix. Covered in small bumps, and those huge spots under the skin. Had even begun getting bad acne round my hairline and on my cheeks which I'd never had before. Was on dianette
  5. When mine was back I'd go to bed with a little concealer on my spots- it didn't make my skin break out because it was only a little bit and it helped me feel better incase flatmates came knocking at strange hours! I also got into the routine of when I said goodnight to my flatmates that was their signal not to bother me again till morning. I kinda explained it casually and politely during the first week of knowing them. Once I said goodnight and shut my door, that was it until morning. (I had a
  6. Hi guys, Been using Vivant Mandelic Serum for about 5/6 weeks now and my skin is really smooth around my chin (apart from one largish spot which I used to have tonnes of!) but my forehead (which once used to stay clear even if I didn't use anything on it!) is still being a pain. Nothing major- just a few small spots and the odd small inflamed whitehead. I still look like I'm covered in spots because I'm waiting for the red marks to go away, but I was looking into adding something to my routin
  7. I'd better add, when I was nearly being sick from taking zinc it was from a very low dose- it was zinc picolinate which I read is most easily absorbed by the body- but it irritates the stomach more meaning it's really important to take it with food.
  8. Yeah, I'm wondering if I'm hitting that now- it seems to be healing slower now. But still feel happy every time I take off my foundation rather than wanting to cry My main concern is just that the moderate acne I had before I went on this fantastic stuff doesn't return and that the mandelic helps keep my skin clear long-term! I really hope so! x
  9. I know this is a pretty old topic but its something I'd love to find out a bit more on... Been using mandelic for two weeks now, and god, it's AMAZING!!! Truly truly incredible, my skin just looks better every morning now- the purging has finished. I just wanted to see whether people have developed a tolerance/resistance to mandelic. Has it ever just stopped working or lost its effectiveness? Because I'm terrified it'll happen to me. It usually does with products I use. What's everyone else
  10. Yeah I used to get this, take it after a huge meal and you should be okay. After a few weeks of taking it, I've found my stomach can handle it much easier now, I can take zinc with a small meal and I don't feel sick afterwards so stick with it! x
  11. Yeah my spots seem to be appearing totally out of blue 10 days into mandelic- I don't even have any clogged pores anymore so they're not forming from those! Just hang in there, I'm feeling your pain too!! x
  12. Vella

    Acne and sex?

    My personal opinion is that acne is caused by our modern lifestyles...diet, stress, etc...it doesn't exist in tribal communities for example. Sex is as old as time itself (ish!) so I don't think there would be a connection. Not that I actually get any action anyway, but there you go!! x
  13. Petal81- that's great you've been referred! Even if you might've naturally out-grown acne by the time you actually get an appointment!! Great news though! Alona- Yeah I think you're derm's right- because I used BP for so many years, my skin became allergic. It was definately an allergy- as my face swelled up like a balloon I came running straight on this board so see what it meant. Everyone said swelling=allergy! Barely slept a wink that night, I was terrified of the monster in the mirror I'
  14. Yeah I'm having a breakout on mandelic acid and I've been using it for 6 days. But I'm sticking with it- the blackheads of my nose have almost totally gone now and the dozens of blocked pores and red bumps along my chin and jawline are clearing up so it's definately helping. Thing is, I'm still getting inflamatory acne mainly on my forehead, and more than what I was getting before. But the spots are spaced out and random rather than appearing next to each other as they normally do, and appear r
  15. Hiya! It's been nearly a week since I started using the topical and while I've seen a really noticable improvement I think that's almost certainly down to the mandelic acid which I've been using. The reason I think that is because nearly all the blackheads have vanished from my nose and my pores look a lot clearer. I don't think the topical antibiotic would've had time to kick in yet... I know from another thread that oral antibiotics aren't really supposed to be taken with Dianette due to var