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  1. good luck mate Do search for the huge fraxel thread thats already here
  2. hope you are ok amonkey


    1. just wanted to let you know that you are very nice. Thank you for all your help.

      Love you.

      1. very inspirational thank you for these
      2. Pmed you FG this link shows the data about Omega 3, omega 6(lower left column). Dont get too involved in it though. Just supplement with CLO and avoid Vegetable oils etc.(fats in general) http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/fats-and-oils/628/2
      3. I meant absolutely minimal fat (including olive oil). They are the real culprits behind the insulin sensitivity problem. The only fats I would advise you at the moment is EFAs (Fish oil and Cod liver oil). These will provide you vit A+ Vit D (in a non harmful way), and Omega 3 fatty acids (highly anti inflammatory) which should help minimise the current inflammation. This alone should help you a lot very soon.
      4. It helps with the acid alkaline body ph balance and also lowers the overall glycemic index of the meal. In my opinion it can mostly help unless the person is allergic to citrus stuff (like alternatevista I think). I do it very often and it helps me ( long with Cod liver oil etc.) thanks OP
      5. fruits by themselves are good for us but at this stage I would really limit them to a minimal. If I were in your shoes I would also go for therapeutic dosages of Cod Liver oil ( highly anti- inflammatory). See NdnRomeo's thread. Regularise your sleep schedule ASAP. COMPLETELY eliminate Vegetable oils. ZERO sugar. And no nuts either. Get some early morning sunlight within 2 hrs of sunrise. And watch funny movies to destress. No emo songs for now.
      6. Eddie your definition of healthy food has to be in accordance with your present condition. you have to pinpoint your issue - indigestion, candida, Insulin resistance, mineral deficiency, lack of sleep etc. and then only you can say whether the food you are eating is healthy or not. In the damaged state your body already is, I bet even some of the otherwise harmless foods are gonna screw you up. your best bet is to avoid sugars for now ( especially with FATS) and eat all kinds of veggies.
      7. Cod liver oil is very helpful imo. One of the few things that actually gave quick results.
      8. eating fats (nuts,avocados) and fruits together is gonna screw you up big time. Be careful. Read posts by sepsi. They might help.
      9. avoid nuts. They do not help with the Omega 3: 6 ratio. they have high omega 3 but much higher omega 6 content thereby further screwing the already skewed ratio. Fish oil, especially cod liver oil can not possibly harm you. Cod liver oil has omega3, vitamin A, vitamin D - three of the most potent anti acne agents. Zero nuts. Continue with fish oil/CodLiverOil GL
      10. Thanks IHRsp I downloaded it just now. Seems very good. He doesnt look like 54 for sure! cheers
      11. rather than trying to add bulk I have been concentrating on Shape / form these days. I started doing Push ups about a month back and incrementally increased the count. I started with 20 (then fell flat on my face) and increased very slowly. I am happy to report that the last time I managed 107 push ups without A BREAK. and my triceps have gotten a nice definition. And even my abdominal fat seems to have gone a little ( I have lost a bit of overall weight). I am hooked to Natural bodybuilding
      12. Danny, u are the Best!

        1. you have been reading some Wayne Dyer it seems. Very sound advice. I knew it already but thanks for reminding. Just for Laughs : FTW
        2. Pretty interesting post Danny. It was very helpful. But even before that I knew that waist has to be smaller than the shoulders. I figured it out from all the Superheroes from the various cartoons. from Mr. Incredible to Superman every single superhero has had a thin waist. We all obviously have an intuitive understanding of what is (heroic), Healthy, Attractive etc. Its almost funny how we over-complicate things sometimes SUPERMAN Mr. Incredible kaisen
        3. FG I will tell you what has worked for me. Taking Cod liver oil daily Sleeping timely and adequately Not washing with soap ( just plain water) Not combining Fruits and Fats (even good fats) restricting fats and simple carbs Some zinc and Vitamin C may also help you really need start with simple changes. Diet is the big one but there are other important factors too. Essentially anything unhealthy is going to take you further away from your goal of clear skin.
        4. lol @ scam comments. People are just too paranoid these days. In my opinion, Sepsi's book is probably the best book you could purchase for Acne at the moment. He really has put some serious effort in it. It will probably help you not just for acne but in your general health as well. props to sepsi. His advice has helped me ( and many others on this site) at various points of time. It has been wonderful having you on this site mate.
        5. Your post is awesome. It totally makes me think differently. Thank you. This clip that I found somewhat relates to the message that you are trying to convey. K PS: You should write a book someday. I do believe you have a message tyo convey thats important
        6. Wow Danny, great post. I really agree with the general sentiment of the article but I have my doubts about its practicability. I mean we live in a society and as social animals we are craving validation all the time from all the people around us in general. To be accepted easily it is somewhat necessary to " indulge" in the "passion of times" even though you may know deep down that it is not the best lifestyle. what do we do? Some of us would rather accept this " unhealthy" lifestyle just to b