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Mike Hawk

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  1. Woah I completely forgot about this thread, here's my skin today! http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/6489/img6695bxo4.jpg
  2. I hope everything is going well! ;)

  3. o wow 17 years old... you act like a 13 year old.

  4. i got better things to do than argue with a teenager.

  5. i'm just passing by to put you on my ignore list.

  6. yes, lurking in profiles is a fetish of mine. ;)

    Was checking your name history, couldn't remember who you were, lol. Now I know. :)

  7. I see you like to lurk in my profile :)

  8. Happy DELICIOUS 17th Birthday!

  9. This IS the greatest log ever, but with the tag bans, I can't post any more pictures, rendering this log useless.
  10. haha next someone will sign up with last name "hunt"

  11. On the bottom, click on the dropdown window and click on full width
  12. Updates are coming, I've been real busy. Don't worry, they'll be worth it.