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  1. Update!!! No new pimples (of note) for the last 2 or so weeks. Any little minor ones I had litereally were gone overnight without any messing with them and they were very unnoticeable and not even red in the first place. Still waiting on the redmarks to fade, but I do see improvement. I am very happy I stuck with this, my results have been great.
  2. Well, some minor updates today. I have three new pimples. The first two are on my temples, while they are red and raised there is no head and more importantly NO PAIN. I take this as a good sign. There is one minor one near my nose on my cheek, however I think this is a whitehead that is mostly red because I scratched at it. We will see how this goes. My chin/jaw area is shaping up quite nice, pigmentation and redness is still fading, no new pimples in that area. All in all, I'm happy wit
  3. Well...not COMPLETELY clear today. Some minor details to report. I have some sort of a whitehead garden cropping up on the right side of my chin/jaw area. I am sure I made it worse by attempting to get ride of them by picking. I promised myself I wouldnt do that. Long story short, no inflammed pimples, just a red angry area now that I'm sure will be gone by tomorrow. But it may leave some redmarks which is annoying. Other than that NOTHING else is on my face. My left side looks really go
  4. Uh, as far as I know it is very possible to get an initial breakout even on antibiotics. I was on doxycycline and retin-a micro (still am) and got a pretty bad one for about 3 weeks. It is gone now, but wowza! Good luck, stick with it.
  5. Quick update! Still no new pimples. No lingering ones either. Im...CLEAR!!!! I still have the red marks (but they're fading!!!) and a few darkish spots from some lingering hyperpigmentation (but they are also fading!!!). This is amazing. Especially because I have had almost no sleep over the past 3 days, my work has been requiring 4am wakeups with late nights. Plus I have been eating chocolate. Now I KNOW they say chocolate doesn't cause acne. But for me, in the past I could directly co
  6. Alright, so no new pimples to report. The old ones are healing slowly. The scab on my lip is still tender, I hope that goes away soon! The one in my eyebrow area is taking its sweet time but it is no longer active as far as I can tell. There are some leftover white heads still trying to bust their way out around my chin, much less than what I had before though. I am not sure but one may become inflamed, as it is slightly tender, we will just have to wait and see. I added the proactive tone
  7. Another update. It has been almost a week since I started taking the Doxy twice a day. I have been feeling really tired. Is this normal on Doxy? Or even a side effect at all? Or maybe I'm attributing the tiredness to the wrong thing. Hm. I feel like my skin has been kind of poor the last few days. I have a new pimple that cropped up right next to my lip, and those never go well. Its no longer a pimple, rather scabbed over and resembles a sore. Other than that I have a small pimple next
  8. Alright. A few new developments. First off, saw the derm a few days ago, she upped my Doxy to 100mg TWICE daily. I was expecting that. I am continuing with the same strength of RAM, thank God. I am have some minor tummy troubles with the new Doxy dosage, but it is very minor and I am sure it will resolve itself soon. I have two new pimples. One in my hairline and one on my forehead. The hairline one is pretty little, the forehead one is slightly sore. This is new because I haven't got
  9. I also had mild acne, a few occasional white heads around my chin/jaw would occasionally go wonky. The RAM gave me about 4 weeks of the worst skin ever. I had huge pimples, 2 or 3 new ones everyday, and the red spots linger for weeks after. I have been doing RAM for about 8.5 weeks now, and the peeling and redness have subsided. I do notice my pores are clearer, though right now I am dealing with two pimples (I suspect they are hormone related). I would recommend holding off on the scrubbin
  10. Pimple status update: Ok, the big pimple on my jaw/chin area that I attempted to extract yesterday to no avail and was big and angry all day. I squeezed a bunch of goo out of it this afternoon (sorry for the details) and it is looking/feeling much better. I have a scab now and it is red but no pain. HOWEVER, a new pimple cropped up in pretty much the same location on the opposite side of my face, literally within a span of an hour. It looked ready, so I pricked and sqeezed some goo out, no
  11. By the way. I changed my regimen, as you can see on my signature. The biggest thing is I stopped using the AHA lotion, it really made my face red and oily. My skin doesn't peel anymore, so I don't need it anyways. Also, I dropped the toner, it just made my face shiny.
  12. Argh! Well, If I had written this update yesterday at this time, you would be hearing about how clear and wonderful my face is starting to get. Yesterday at this time, I could see that my red marks were fading, my clogged pores about my chin--under the surface whiteheads--are rapidly vanishing. Alas, last night a pimple began to rapidly develop on my chin/jaw area. It had a small head, so I gave it a little pin prick and a squeeze, utilizing all of the proper methods for safe extraction. No