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  1. I used it for a year. Other than making my face really moisturized, it didn't do anything. I saw no improvement in the scarring.
  2. How often did you do the TCA cross over the two year period?
  3. arguably cool. Definately looks like a more intense treatment than a normal fraxel by far. Kind of interested in see post op photos from that girl. Are you serious??? I don't know about you but my face was BLEEDING considerably after fraxel and this girl doesn't even look like she had much done (other than the fact that they piled cream on her face). After fraxel, they piled cream on my face and it bleed through the creams and my face was so red for that first day that I always put on
  4. Everyone's fraxel results are different. Some people say that they don't really see any results at all while others say they saw a great improvement. So it's up to you and your doctor to decide if fraxel is right for you based on your skin type, scarring, and your willingness to pay that amount of money for a treatment that you can't know the exact success of before hand. I don't post pictures because acne scars are a source of great shame in my life and looking at photos that highlight my scarr
  5. I am currently taking Doxycycline which clears up my acne completely. But if I don't take it for a week, I wake up one day with several cysts on my face. I'm really scared because what happens when I'm ready to stop taking antibiotics because I want to have a baby or just because I don't want to take antibiotics all my life? I took accutane in the past which cleared up my skin completely for five years but then the acne came back so I started the antibiotics. My point is that antibiotics are a t
  6. I REALLY want to take an allergy test but my mom told me that a blood allergy test costs like $1000 !!!! I'm going to ask my doctor when I see him this week though
  7. I've never heard of accutane possibly causing reproduction problems. I took this drug 6 years ago and that was never mentioned to me as a possible side effect but now that I hear about it I'm freaking out. I really want to have kids in a couple of years but at the same time, my acne's returned this year and I was considering taking accutane again. I don't know what to do now... do I want to be acne free or able to have children?
  8. august was 6 months ago. sounds strange that u are still noticeably red. what skin type are u? are u moisturizing daily? maybe its just winter dry skin . . . Well I had my last fraxel the very last day of august. My skin is combination, dry but oily at the same time. I have been moisturizing with tons of aquaphor since starting Fraxel and still continue to do so daily. My face is only red in the places that the laser was used (so not on the very edges of my face or right underneath my ey
  9. Wow, I've been waiting for someone to mention this. In the morning my scarring looks really filled in, smooth, and not red at all. By the evening, it's much more defined, looks deeper, and a bit red. It SUCKS. Between looking in the mirror when I wash my face in the morning and looking in the mirror when I wash my face at night, I feel like I'm looking at Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hide. :confused:
  10. I had four Fraxel treatments during July and August of 2007 (about 4 1/2 months ago). My face is still red. Is this normal? When should it go away completely? Also, if my face is still red, does that mean it's still healing and that the collagen is still filling in? Thanks for any info.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me which Retin-A you're using? I'd like to start a retin-A regimen but am clueless as to which brands are good. Do you think this really is helping? Thanks!
  12. Maybe its your type of Acne that causes the scarring ? I took accutane because I had had two cysts previously and wanted to prevent getting more. Accutane caused me to break out in about 25 cysts that just covered my face (mainly my cheeks) and now I am left scarred. I've had 10 chemical peels, 30 microdermabrasions, and 4 fraxel laser treatments and they're still there. I don't know what to do, it seems hopeless. I'm really self conscious about it :(
  13. Hello, everyone I often have visited these forums, but this is my first time posting. Just to let you know my acne story: I had some painful, embarrasing cystic acne, so I was treated with accutance at the age of 15. Well, I was overdosed and for 6 months or so, broke out in cysts that covered my face, literally there were about 25 of them. My dermatologist took me off of the accutane and once a week i went in an got steroid shots in each cyst. Eventually they went away but I was left scarred