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  1. I heard about Sea Buckthorn Oil on the Dr. Oz show too! LOL. The reason I came on here today was to see if anyone else has used it for acne before... I'm looking up SBO online right now and it's surprisingly difficult to find... Apparently there is Seed Oil and Fruit Oil of Sea Buckthorn Oil. Hm. This site was interesting: http://seabuckthorn.com/acne.htm . What do you think? I really want to try buying some SBT oil (prolly not their whole acne regimen).
  2. I was using the gel. It seems to get a little sticky and weird under make-up, so I only used it at night. I've not tried the liquid or cream yet.
  3. Hey Everyone!!! Sorry it's taken me so long to post here. It's been crazy with the whole wedding and moving to a new city. ^^ My wedding day was picture perfect. Everything went as great as it could have. The week of my wedding, I was hoping and praying that my acne wouldn't suddenly flare up. With all the stress and abnormal diet from wedding preparations, it could have very easily happened. My face was the clearest it has been in a very, very long time. While I was getting my hair done and I
  4. I did order the product, and I'm going to try spot treating like you mentioned. Before, I've put extra MA on the spots, but it dried my skin out after repeatedly doing so. For some bizarre reason, I have a feeling that this product will help. My red marks are much lighter than before, but if they could just become half as red as they are now it would make me soooo happy. I'm hopeful! I definitely love MA and SA (Paula's Choice). They don't turn my face beet red like BP, and they do wonders for
  5. Aww, thank you so much everyone! Your kind words mean a lot! I'm super excited for my big day. I will try my best to savor and cherish every moment of the day, and I won't let any small thing that goes "wrong" ruin it. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm stressed or nervous because it's so soon, but I'm really not as bad as you would think. I'm totally enjoying every aspect of the planning. Already I've found a new photographer and musicians. Luckily my uncle is our pastor and the cake/flowers will
  6. Day 83. I'm getting married in two months!! The date is July 26th. Originally it was planned for next spring, but the (expensive) place we're holding it at had a cancellation then. They were offering 50%, so I couldn't refuse the ability to invite everyone I want to versus half of them. Anyways!! Back on to the topic of acne. I don't know how my face will look on that day, but I'm going to deal with it the best I can. Yay optimism. Overall Skin grade: B+ Redmarks: B Active Acne: A- ---
  7. Day 76. The SA is really bringing a lot of the dirt from my skin up to the surface which in turn causes more acne. It'll be worth it if I can purge my skin and keep it purged. Right now I am doing to following: AM: Nucelle Mandelic Acid Daily (it goes great under my make up) PM: Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel Nightly and 2.5% Dan's BP every other night Maybe this is the right combination to unlock the mystery of clear skin for me....*crosses fingers) Overall Skin grade: B- Redmarks: B- Active Ac
  8. Thanks so much for your post! It's great to hear another SA/MA user's experiences. Right now the SA is really bringing my blackheads up to the surface. It looks a little ugly at the moment, but hopefully when the bad is gone my skin will improve immensely. Does tea tree oil do a good job at spot treating? Where do you buy yours? I've never tried it before. Cyclopolysaccharic acid looks very interesting...we'll have to keep an eye on that! How is your skin right now? Is it mostly clear? The th
  9. I'm going to switch up when I use SA. My makeup looked pretty bad after putting it on, and it wore off a lot quicker. Take Two with SA: -Nucelle in the morning -SA at night (and eventually get to where I could use both that and Nucelle) We'll see how this works. Skincare is so complicated. =P
  10. Day 72. Adding SA to regimen. I really don't want to go through another IB, but I'm going to risk it and integrate SA into my regimen. My hopes are that it will speed up the process of getting rid of blackheads and enhance the performance of MA. Wish me luck!! Overall Skin grade: B Redmarks: B- Active Acne: B+ --- Forehead: Clear. No redmarks. Nose Area: Some tiny ones had formed when I initially tried SA, now they're gone. Two red marks on either side. -_- Cheeks: Lots of blackheads I'm
  11. Thank you so much for responding! I love it when someone writes a book rather than a short blurb. I just finished reading through LionQueen and supercoolasianguy's threads. How acids work is so much more clear to me now! Evening Primrose Oil seems very interesting. Has it helped you with your hormonal problems? Where do you buy yours? Do you use Alpha Hydrox Night ResQ every night? I feel like I should have replied so much more in depth, but I've had a long day and I'm ready for bed. It's
  12. I'm glad to hear that it's probably an IB. There are just a lot of blackheads under my skin that I want to get out. I might brave the IB and use the SA or wait a while and see if my blackheads are any better. How often do you use that peel? It looks very interesting. Does it leave your face very irritated? Your regimen is very interesting! That's great that you're mostly clear. My skin was doing pretty good with just Nucelle, but I cannot suppress those time of the month or really stubborn pim
  13. Thanks for responding! How long have you used Paula's Choice 2% SA? I'm hesitant to use it again because of my skin's reaction, and I'm wondering if it's just temporary.