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  1. Brandy, stopping has nothing to do with being lazy about it or not diligent enough...corny as it sounds, the hour I spend doing the regimen is always one of the best spent hours of my day :) I wish more than anything I could do it, but I literally won't be able to this week even as badly as I want to. It's a personal matter and I wish you could be messaged privately, but I understand the mod thing.
  2. Hey all. Some advice/tips would definitely be appreciated. Starting Monday I will not be able to apply the regimen at all for a full week. In anticipation of this, I have slowly been weaning myself off. Started the DKR in January and followed it by the book for 5 straight months, (with great results, thanks Dan!) then cut down to once daily for 7 weeks, and finally came down to every other day for the past 2 weeks, and have stayed clear throughout. My question: After stopping full turkey
  3. I'm on the regimen, and I use the Cetaphil moisturizing cream (not lotion) as my moisturizer, and I swear by that stuff...I think I will always use it, even after and whenever I stop doing the regimen. It's perfect. You don't need very much, it absorbs quickly, and also gives my face a nice, even complexion. Love it
  4. Lately I'll pop in a Weezer disc to lift my spirits if I'm feeling down, as they always seem to do the trick. Another all-time fav, Bright Eyes, will either sometimes bring me down further if I'm already depressed (haha) or alternately, strangely enough, console me as I can identify with some of the feelings expressed on his earlier albums. (But to people in general, I'd never recommend him if you're a tad on the depressed side). I like this thread. Ohh, I have to agree with Elliott Smith
  5. Hey King. Well, I had been clear for a few weeks when I started the regimen in January, but I totally credit it with keeping me clear since. Starting when I was clear was a huge gamble because I kept reading about how most people have a "2 week in breakout," and my acne always left marks that lasted for months, but now I consider going for it anyway to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you've never tried the regimen and are considering it, I say take the chance. Wish I had foun
  6. Hey mclean, I've only been on the regimen since January but have read around the boards numerous times (I believe I read Dan comment on this too once) that since the BP kills acne bacteria, it's impossible for one to become "immune" to it. Yet you say in your post that you built up a defense to your product which contains BP after a year, so hmm. Perhaps Dan's treatment gel has a higher concentrate of BP, which would make it a bit more effective? I don't know a lot about the science or what h
  7. LOL! Wow that is so funny you bring that up! I first watched that movie about 8 years ago, but recently rewatched it with some friends, and when the scene of his morning ritual came on, I was laughing thinking "BUT, Bateman.....are any of those products comedogenic?" Haha Great flick though and Christian Bale is awesome in just about everything.
  8. Good for you!! That is really awesome news. I totally know how you feel. I started the regimen in January while being (miraculously) clear at the time, and have stayed clear since then because of how awesome Dan is Seriously, last year at this time was the most depressing period of my whole life for many reasons, but near the top was the dreaded, persistent acne. You know the feeling....you always just KNEW another one was on its way, just a matter of time. Living with that feeling is hel
  9. Depending on how comfortable you two are with each other, it might not be such a bad move to offer to help him, because I can tell from your post that you genuinely care for him and want to help "because you've been there." If I were him, I'd understand. When I started getting acne in late '06, I met my girlfriend (recently ex, but whatev at the exact same time, and felt so comfortable around her that I came clean about it right away, and she was always so loving and caring about it. She sim
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Dan Kern in his early to mid 30's, and still suffers from acne? I thought I remember reading that about once a year, he'll stop doing his regimen to see if he's outgrown it, but it always comes back. But I think he also said that it's just in his genetics. I would bet that most people do outgrow it eventually, but as someone else on here noted, with each passing year, more and better options are becoming available to treat it. (Personally, I don't see there
  11. I have no experience with Proactive (unless you count using an offbrand of it 2 years ago...Acnefree I think it was called, which didn't work by the way) but I read these boards a lot, and have never once read someone saying the Proactive BP works better than Dan's BP gel. It's always that his is by far superior, so yes, I think you should give it a shot You should like it! Btw, I am currently using Dan's BP and can attest myself that it's amazing! Has kept me clear for 7 months strong, the
  12. I can completely empathize and agree with your last sentence. However, if you don't mind me saying, remember how you felt before you found the regimen and your acne wasn't under control. Personally I remember feeling very crappy all of the time, not wanting to see my family, not wanting to see my friends, not wanting to see people who knew me before I started getting acne, and not wanting to go out ever. I spend much longer doing the reg. than most people, (about 55 minutes beginning to end)
  13. I'm on my 5th week of doing the regimen only once a day, and am surprised (and delighted) that the results have been good. Today in fact, after my shower, I noticed my first "zit," (if you want to call it that...it looks like a little red mark that's not inflamed) since starting the reg. back in January. This may be because I'm only doing it once a day, but I've admittedly also been kind of sloppy with it. The last 3 weeks, there will be 1 or 2 days in each week where I won't do the regimen a
  14. I just re-read Dan's advice when it comes to sweating and I think he may be right. I used to worry about if sweat will have any adverse effects on me too when it comes to acne but it never has. I would not listen to your mom And if you can, try to do the full 2 pumps twice a day. The dryness will subside eventually! But it can be difficult at first. I was working at a department store my first 3 months on the reg., and it was so embarrassing to show up to work with such dry and flakey s
  15. As someone mentioned above, it can take up to 3 months (sometimes more for some people) until they finally respond to the regimen, so if I were you I'd hang in there. I know that when I reached the 1 month mark my skin was still adjusting to the new routine. If you can, (I know how difficult it can be to keep going when you're not seeing results, esp. with something as time-consuming as this regimen) give it another solid 2 months before deciding to abort. You may thank yourself for doing so!