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  1. Hm, have you tried Beige Fairly Light? That might work for you. I would try...Beige Fairly Light, Cool Multi-Tasking Neutral, and maybe Cool Fair Medium. HOpe that helped!
  2. Well, my scars are now extremely shallow (not bad at all) - but I do find that silk dust (just plain silk) makes the skin appear much smoother. I'm not sure if it is a play of light, sort of diffuses things - less contrast where the light comes across the skin. Also - if I can kill the color from the old scar with a touch of makeup (if you have discoloration like I did/do) it helps the dent seem less pronounced. Would you say that the silk dust is quite grainy? Or is it not as bad as peopl
  3. Hrm if you're fair, I would recommend Intensive Fair concealer - if you have a stuff like blemishes and red marks to cover up...the color is very fair and it covers up excellently - I used it before and I was very pleased with the coverage but it ended up being too fair for me so i'll be using Intensive Light concealer from now on... With blush - I heard a lot of people who have very fair skin...they can use a lot of different blushes from EDM...but I use Soft Touch blush and people who have v
  4. omg i just totally posted but here's some news i found on the EDM site from Corina... it was really really long so i'll just state a couple of new things that are coming soon!! 1. Better photos for better color selection 2. Primers are coming along but it might take a while :[ 3. New accessory for EYE/CONCEALER makeup! 4. Eyebuki coming soon 5. Producing more long handled kabuki brushes + flat top brushes 6. Whole line of darker foundation shades 7. E-checks coming soon to the site so yo
  5. yea definitely! I ordered the flat top brush with my first full size order and i'm super excited :] yea my roomie discovered what a HUGE difference it made when she started buffing (or swirling). lol i remember i just walked in on her doing her makeup and i was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"
  6. I know that when my roomie puts on her mineral foundation, she used to swipe it across her face like a normal foundation. Maybe buffing was meant like...swirling it around your face in circles. This creates your foundation to go on without streaks..it all just gets blended into each other if you swirl your brush around your face in little circles.
  7. HEY YOU GUYS!! I just received my first sample from EDM. I got 3 different types of formulas for 1 color of a foundation (Beige - Fairly Light). I'm pretty good at determining my skin tone so I was happy to be able to play around with formulas. Well this is a list of items I got within my sample. 1. Fairly Light - Intensive 2. Fairly Light - Matte 3. Fairly Light - Original Glo 4. Soft Touch Blush 5. Intensive Fair Concealer This is my review: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I love the intens
  8. Yesterday night I found this great topic on using C&C Blackhead Scrub with SA and using C&C Continuous Control Acne Cleanser together. I bought it last night and began using it. Yesterday, my whole face felt so clean and tingly. I also put on Cetaphil moisturizer because I was afraid that I would react to so much SA & BP...but honesty I've used the C&C Continous Control Acne Cleanser before for a while and I think I'm not that sensitive towards it. This morning, I used the C
  9. Actually I checked this morning and its the C&C Oxygenating Moisturizer. It has SPF 15 and I used it this morning and it felt AWESOME. So freaking light and smooth. I started this regime last night and I felt so clean it was great. I used my cetaphil moisturizer at night because I felt like I needed some thicker moisturization at night b/c of the SA/BP combination. In the morning I use the Blackhead Scrub with SA and use the C&C Oxygenating MOisturizer with SPF 15. I'll keep updating
  10. okay i just bought both SA & BP products from C&C...i also bought a moisturizer..and i wanted one that included SPF 15 so i bought the one thats C&C but its from their "green" line..its supposed to be light weight, oil free, and includes SPF 15 so i thought, why not? I'll update on how it works out for me.