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  1. i was reading on a article that Tomatos could help peel away scars because of the amount of acid that is in it. Have you guys tried this out?? i need some opinion before i try it and find myself looking worser than the blothchy mess that i am already. Please Help
  2. do u ever get your hopes up to try a NEW and IMPROVED acne treatment and all you get is NOTHING or the problem becomes worse ? what product you used?
  3. your right i have it good im very thankful to be healthy. Its just hard to go to school and everybody have to be perfect and try to be better than some1 else. And like i said im giving up whateva happens...will happen take me as i am or not at all you know..
  4. maybe i should give up and let the man above handle things. The person i was isn't there anymore. Even though im struggling with acne how can i brake out my shell and be myself again??? What do you guys do to get your mind off the way you look?? .....i talk to my boyfriend