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  1. Good to see that you are going to wait. If you have questions about the treatment prior to then you need to get them answered first. This treatment will require yo to plan a bit ahead for things. I do think that your skin could benefit from these newer laser, but get your answers first. I think that lasers do help with scarring, but I think that tissue growth with PRP and or Stem Cell injections are a good route as well.
  2. Has anyone seen this yet. The company that makes the Derma-roller also has a new device called the dema-stamp. Check out their website and read about it. Everyone who is doing the self needling and rolling are on the right track. This device is the same as individual needling. It is just a small device with 6 or so needles on the end that the doctor pushes in and out. I got a picture of it sent to me. The website does not show it.
  3. Lamarr, Hey there again. How often are you rolling/needling now. Its i hard for me to really see the true severity of your scarring in the photos on this thread. If you could put a percentage on the improvement, what would say? Also looking back at what month or treatment would you say you looked at your face and saw noticable improvement. Sorry for the 20 questions. Thanks
  4. Adella, I had both the Fraxel Re:Pair and the Total FX laser done. I think the Profractional is the same as these two. It is a fractional Co2 laser. When you say that your face was burned by the original CO2 what all happened and what types of marks did it leave on your face? The way these new fractional co2 lasers work is a bit different. Yes they both use CO2 as the energy, but the way they ablate the tissue is different. The original ablated about .3mm of your entire face. The depth of the
  5. Adella, Hey just wondering did you have any other treatments done other than CO2 laser? and how did the CO2 laser make your skin worse? Thanks
  6. I am going to mention PRP to my doctor next week. I hope he has the equipment to do this procedure. It just seems like all he would need is a centrifuge. If he is unable to do them then I will just continue doing blood injections on my own. I know it doesn't have the growth factors mulitplied, but I think it will be better than doing nothing. I will see.
  7. icaretohelp, So you had PRP injections done. How are things looking for you. Also what type of scars do you have and how did the whole procedure go. What made you decide to go with PRP over the stem cell injections? Any info on PRP from your doctor would be great. I am going next week to ask about having PRP done. All my doctor would need is a centrifuge right?
  8. Ok great I will check them out. Also what about the Anit-bacterial cream?
  9. Legend, I am sure its in this thread somewhere, but just wondering where you are buying your EMLA cream from? Every site that I come across say that I need a prescription.
  10. Hey there. I did the injection 4 days ago. Prior to that I tried it out on my arm to see how long I would have the hematoma. For me it takes about a week to fade away. As for scar depth, its way to early to say. Right now it is just a dark spot on my face. I only tried it out on one scar and it was not a deep scar to begin with. I just wanted to try it before I decide to do any of my deeper scars.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has tried doing blood injections on thier own. I decided to try it on myself. I am not able to find anyone around here to perfrom PRP injections so I thought I'd give it a try this way. It is a very easy thing to do on yourself. The tricky part was knowing how deep to actually inject the blood into a scar. I only did one scar, so I will see what happens. I can answer any questions, if any.
  12. This has a lot of info. I knew Hines Ward had this. http://prpinjection.blogspot.com/
  13. Did you guys here what that female announcer said about Hines Ward before the start of the Super Bowl? She mentioned that he had a bad knee injury. Then she said that he had a new treatment done. She said he had his own blood taken, the cells multiplied and then re-injected into his knee. He said it feels almost 100%. This is right inline with all this stem-cell and blood injection talk. I think this is really the right way to go for acne scars. What do you guys think?
  14. BRD, Is there anyway you could help finding a doctor in the U.S that performs stem cell injections? I am going to see my doc. on Monday and I am going to bring it up to him. He has already recommended blood injections, but he never mentioned separating the platelets in the blood, just simply withdrawling blood and re-injecting it into my scars. But if you could help me find a doctor in the states that are doing stem cell, that would be great. Thank you for all your posts.