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  1. Hey Mate. I used to too get Cyst type acne; but have been on Roaccutane for just over 3 months and they have totally cleared up - in fact they started to clear after month 1. A tip would be that you might get awfully dry in the face after month 1 but moisturising with E45 or even factor 50 (kids) Sunbathing block works well. And a young lady advised me to get Deleor Hydra Floral Lip Mask - it seems a bit girly, but I have practically avoided getting dry bleeped up lips for the entire time I've
  2. rennie08

    Day 132 at 60mg/day

    That is an amazing improvement. I also found that antibiotics were for the most part useless - but if we knew now what we knew then - accutane would have been the natural choice. All the best.