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  1. I am a little confused. I was just using the needle perpendicular to the skin. I didn't know otherwise. Are you saying that it is pretty much parallel to the skin? Do you stretch the skin? Is there a video on this? I am having a hard time picturing it. Thanks!
  2. Hi Lamarr! Thanks for all your advice and the time you take to answer everyone's questions. It is so gracious of you. I had a question about the needles. You said in the first post that you use the BD ultra fine 31 G 5mm" but I could only find BD Ultra-fine II 30 Gauge Lancets. Are these the wrong ones? Thanks!
  3. what kind of terpoline do I buy? There is the face cream and the "professional strength" face cream, that I am not even sure they would sell me. I am expecting my derma roller and led lights any day and want to be prepared with the right topicals. What else could I use?
  4. I read on Lamarr post to swab with iodine, then alcohol before..... is that what everyone does? I am not to sure about the iodine. I am afraid of looking like an oompa loompa. Also I was wondering about post roll. Lamarr says bactroban first 24 hours after and terpoline. But you can't just buy bactroban. and which terpoline do I buy? I saw the link to WHERE to buy it, but there are several strengths. And one says for professional use only.
  5. I am looking into what to purchase for prep before and after! Thanks!!
  6. Some posted this link in other thread. I am planning on getting it, but I haven't used it. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-3-LINE-DR-ROLLER-S...=item5ad34455fd
  7. They say that you can either roll daily and lightly, or aggressively once a week and get the same results. Why would they say this if it wasn't true? Are they ignorant or being deceptive? Because it seems to be the consensus here that you have to go aggressive or else there are no results. I am torn between the two. Every few weeks I get sick of the scars, and come on here and read the latest posts on DR, and then I get overwhelmed with all the topicals, diets, LED's, numbing creams, and go
  8. The ads for the dermaroller say that you can use the smaller sized mm 5 days a week lightly or once a week vigorously and acheive the same results. Is it a waste to try it this way? I don' t know that I have the stomach to try what you all are doing.
  9. I know it is discouraging to have acne, but it is not the determining factor in having a successful relationship. You are so young =) You have so much time. Focus on becoming a man of integrity, a man who will be a good dad and great husband. Don't get caught up in "having a girlfriend." It doesn't define you. Are you in school? Focus on that. Are you working? Focus on saving money. You are a great looking young guy, so just hang out with friends and have fun. Being in a serious relationship at
  10. chastain1172, Why do you think you are so against people taking steps to improve issues which they feel are defects such as wrinkles, a less than average bosom, and a sagging face if something which has become routine addresses them? Thanks, Anna