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  1. Hey! Sorry to butt in this forum seems to ahve a little group of "locals" but where can i buy Facedoctor in the UK or in the US imt alking about High Street shops such as Boots with Walmart,Walgreens and CVS. Note US not Cananda i know there are loads of shops in canada where it is sold. Thanks
  2. Keep me posted on your progress, id love to see what happens. My cane has either stopped or apearring smaller. the only problem is my skin has gone very red i think due to the honey and thsoe spots there before ahve not reali gone they've jsut stopped getting worse.
  3. I bought a jar of "Manuka High Activity" from sainsburys and i still have not found out the actual strenght tho it does say + 15. Jenstar to start i would just apply the honey to the face, i use a spoon, covering all the acne prone areas , more it around in a circualr motiona nd elave for 20-30 min. Then wash this off with cold water. Well, im no expert but i think may "5" is to weak so i'd go a little bit higher but stay within the experts boundaries of 20. You can apply the face mask twice
  4. Jenstar, Stevie here , well its been doing alright so far i think im glad that my first topic ive created has amde some interesting nad unique progress. The spots i have are slowly dissapearing and thankfully leaving none or very weak scars. Though i wudnt say it was a miracle cure it has scientific resoning behind it and i fink i'll continue, the spots that im gettin are certainly much smaller than before and its allowed my scars from past acne-medication to heal! The wound thing, very true
  5. Hello, two days ago spenidn a small part of my christmas money i decided to buy manuka honey for my acne. Ive been trying original honey but i just didnt feel it would be the smae so i decided to use the big-boss of the Honey world! This is an interestiing site on Manuka honey: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1774 Or if u cant acess this sjut type in something like "Manuka Honey for Acne" and there are loadz of sites. According to certain scientists, Manuka honey con
  6. BAD? Dis u say how BAD is it? Not bad at all, i'd love a back like that.
  7. When it started, i look high.