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  1. I know this is an old post, but I think you're really on to something here. Background on me: I'm nearly 30 now and have had acne since age 11, discounting 12 clear months post-Accutane. I had some excess sebum in my teen years but since adulthood my skin is generally quite dry (not visibly dry unless you get really, really close, but not normal either). On my face I mostly have blackheads and a lot of tiny, closed comedones that sometimes turn into pustules, along with the occasional deepe
  2. I'm not following your exact regimen, but I was inspired by your story. I am eating a sweet potato or carrots every day now.
  3. Just sharing my personal anecdote. I have PTSD and struggle constantly against deep depression. I also fit the criteria for asperger's syndrome, although I feel I'm pretty much on the border between AS and NT, and thus would not seek a diagnosis. Wheat and sugar make everything 500 times worse for me. Of the two, wheat is the worst offender. In regards to my acne, it takes large amounts of these foods to make much of a difference, but my mood, cognitive abilities, and energy level all change
  4. I don't have any solution for certain, but I'm working on a similar problem. I got rid of my inflammatory acne through diet but was left with skin that still had a lot of closed comedones and a few blackheads. My current regimen appears to be decreasing my comedone count, but I am not going to declare it a success until I've gotten rid of 95% of it.
  5. Greentiger had good advice. I'll add that some people have an easier time transitioning to paleo by easing into it re: carb levels. I had my most successful transition while eating sweet potatoes and extra bananas on the first few days and then stepping my carb level down further after I was adjusted to that. It mitigated some of that ravenousness you're talking about (not to mention prevented the "carb flu" symptoms I used to get during transitions). It really does get better, too. The first
  6. Congratulations on figuring out something that works for your skin! Do you get any blackheads or other comedones, or is your skin totally smooth? (Just asking 'cause I'm fighting the comedones still, even though the rest of my acne is gone.) I have had a similar experience with starch vs refined sugar, but fruit doesn't seem to impact my skin one way or the other (maybe just because I don't like it a heck of a lot and don't eat much of it). I get hypoglycemia if I eat too much fructose though,
  7. Nice! Congrats, you. What sort of acne did you get rid of? Do you still get tiny, non-inflamed comedones when you are on plan or is your skin totally smooth?
  8. jess1228, Are you losing weight on paleo? I feel like my under eye area gets darker than usual when I am losing weight a bit too quickly and/or when my carb count drops. Not puffy, just dark.
  9. Oh, I agree about the junk food. I thought maybe you were asking about cooking oil, which is why I went and listed an alternative. Plantain chips are yummy.
  10. I'm in agreement about saturated fat (including tropical oils) not being the health problem it was made out to be. Palm olein is not the same thing as plain palm oil, though. It is fractionated palm oil, meaning that the oil has been separated into liquid and solid parts, based on the temperatures at which different parts of the oil melt or solidify. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be additional chemicals (solvents, detergents) used in this process and the oil may be bleached and/or d
  11. Long screed comin' at ya here. There are different takes on this issue. Cordain (whose site is linked to in the previous post) is probably the strictest of the popular paleo gurus. It has been a couple years since I last read his book on the Acne Diet, but I think he said that he recommends cutting out all fruit for a few weeks if you're having difficulty with acne. If you google "low GI fruits" you should be able to pull up some ideas, if that's the route you want to go. Remember, though,
  12. I'm interested in this as well. When my skin is dry from BP, I find that liquid makeup is better than my regular type, but it still isn't perfect.
  13. I liked your story, but this part made me curious... How could it be the best? I mean... I don't really understand how sex could be better with a mean person than with a nice one. Maybe I know a little about what you're getting at... but knowing that my ex did certain pleasurable things to me for the sake of his own ego (rather than out of affection for me) kind of ruined the effect and I don't think I could call it the best, even if the sensation itself was top notch. KWIM?
  14. Wow... that guy was cold. My heart really goes out to you. When I was nursing my child, my cup size suddenly increased from an A to a D. I was startled and horrified at the lewd gazes and unwelcome advances I would receive when I stepped out to the store by myself. Part of me enjoyed this ultra-feminine shape, but part of me was really relieved to have my tiny boobs back after the baby was weaned. I think it can be really hard for girls with a bigger cup size to discern between guys who are