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  1. Hey, so my hair still falls too much, like i said before i can take all of my hairs with my hands. I lose about 100-400 per day. I'm on propecia and minox. My hair is full of spots where you can see the scalp, it's terrible when i'm with my hair wet. I'm on my 6 month still shedding after accutane. But i'm waiting to see the results of minox since i started just 2 weeks ago. Propecia i'm on the 3 month.
  2. I'm experiencing the same damn thing. I can comb and pull out my hair ALL DAY. I mean, i can take all hair folicles of my head if i want! THAT'S INSANE and i'm sick of it. It's been 5 months since i stopped accutane i was on 40mg for 8 months. I can see my hair with spots everywhere. I don't get it my hair was so strong. Been on Propecia for 2 months, nothing happened. Now i'm going to minox. I can't be bald, no one likes bald, i am already horrible, i can become a monster.
  3. They are not gods. Some guys seem to have fear of woman, like they were some religious sacred thing that you must approach carefully because you may die if do something wrong or even talk to them. Just think like that and you will start talking to them and behaving normally around them.
  4. Romantismo nunca funcionou pra mim Giovani. Você está com muita sorte com essa garota!
  5. Braces do destroy your smile. I used braces and it's horrible, hurts, it's too "teenager". Fixed my teeth very well but i was uglier than ever with that shit
  6. I'm amazed how family members do that kind of stuff. My family members never did those kind of questions to me. It's because i'm assertive at home so no one dares to make questions about my masculinity. About having girlfriends, it's not big deal. I found myself with more troubles and with less time when i had relationships. You have to spent too much mental energy keeping a woman happy, sometimes you need to focus in study or making money, so in the end you got drain up mentally
  7. Personally, i think milk is horrible for people who has acne. Majority of people here have big troubles drinking milk and breaking out, and when they stop, some get slights improvements, some get great improvements. I avoid at all costs.
  8. I'll try green tea, since blocks DHT and it's anti-inflamatory. Thanks for the post, i'll get back to ya when i have something to show
  9. Very sad. And people still say this is the cure of acne. It's not.
  10. My damn hair doesnt stop shedding. 4 months after accutane and nothing. This is getting serious man.