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  1. 1. Stop with all AHA products.

    2. Stop with acne soaps, use a regular bar soap like zest.

    3. Use benzyl peroxide at night *a low dose one, say 2 or 3%

    4. Use a moisturiser during the day, like vivier lexxim (redness creme)


    Id say stay with AHA products and dont use bar soap products. Use foaming gels or if you use bar soap then use apple cider vinegar on your face solution 1 to 1 with water and apply to your face after wash....and try that coffee enema.

  2. Yes im half korean and was brought up on white rice. But rice will definitely be apossible cause of acne to someone who suffers acne. I think it did for me because 3 weeks ago my face was calming down then I ate quite a bit of rice, with vegetables and olive oil. Broke out. It's very high in starches and complex carbohydrates (both bad for acne) and its sticky nature leads it to stick inside of the digestive walls and not move or digest which leads to indigestion, constipation, and possibly acne. I'd recomend brown rice. If you cant stand brown rice then Id recomen d taking some digestive enzymes with your white rice and possibly drinking a glass of fresh lemon water or acv in your water after your meal. Should help with that.

  3. I have a question. I was really planning on doing 5 fraxel sessions during the summer period between school years. I was going to do my first one in June, but would it be better to wait for this treatment? I'm kinda worried about (a) how available it will be to get to [althugh i live in vain so-cal so hopefully that helps] & (b) how effective it really is compared to the 5 fraxel sessoins, which would probably cost more anyways...

    Thanks a lot.

    Maybe u should look into Active FX which is similar to re:pair.1 session is as effective as 5 fraxel re:store sessions from what I've heard.From where you live,both systems should be available.Lucky you!

  4. I'm definitely in on this with you all... The initial breakout I got from retin a for 2 months straight before I quit has absolutely ruined my self confidence for the past 4-5 months. Scars all over. Red marks all over.. And to top it off I still have acne. Even if its jsut one pimple it makes all the red marks on my face pop out. Used to have girls follow me to work, gym, home and most of them falling in love with me without me trying. Now I dont even go out much for girls because hoping next month it will disapear (which hasnt happened yet) or my self confidence when talking ot the opposite sex isnt anything like what it was a year ago. I workout and am in great great shape, but the face has something wrong with it all over. hallelujah

  5. Bucksfan- I too had numbing cream and 3 tylenol...like having nothing at all.

    tampagirl- When I was doing fraxel I paid $2500 all in all through many sessions for barely noticeable results. And for the Total FX fractional co2 I paid $1750 one time (doctor gave me $500 discount from $2250) and if I ever want it again only $1100. This is out of Denver Colorado.

  6. retardiest - you are too funny. it DID hurt like hell, didnt it? tears rolled down my eyes involuntarily. Im about 6 weeks out and not exfoliating anymore so I am hopeful the improvement will continue.

    Yeah, the first few days are SCARY looking, but they don't hurt. Let us know how you are doing. I will try to enlarge the pics and reupload them or load them somewhere else.

    - tampagirl

    Damn right it did, I thought it was somewhat comparable to getting a tatoo all over my face. And yeah I couldn't open my eyes for few minutes because they were watering so much.

    But a lot of the freddy krueger looking skin has peeled off and while I can't see everything yet, so far what is visible is showing very nice improvement and its only been about 5 or 6 days since. I guess my downtime is like a day or two longer than normal since they used the deepest power setting they could.

    Anyways... by the looks of things im feeling very confident that I am and will continue to have the results fraxel couldn't give me which is good cuz im pretty tired of spending $ on lasers.

  7. lol ive looked like either freddy krueger or creatures out of hellraiser the last few days. got drunk and forgot about my condition and went to the gas station other night feelin like normal and didnt realize lots of people i know where there askin me what happened to my face...told em i got in crotch rocket accident ;)

  8. Also my first pass of deep fx stung like a bitch and my body was shaking halfway through it but my second pass of active fx felt like nothing compared to it.

    Not to mention the stinging like a bitch part took 45 minutes while the second pass of active fx which was barely unpleasant only took 15 minutes and was done.

  9. Retardiest - See for yourself. I had cystic acne really bad AND VERY blotchy skin.

    K in the process. Just had it done a couple hours ago on the deepest highest power setting. Wow you weren't joking about the pain part. Definitely not pleasant at all and fraxel hurt much less and for shorter period of time but I hope it was worth it. Definitely bringing a driver next time if I do it again in 6 months so they can drug me up. My face definitely lookin messed right now and burning sensation all over but its tolerable. Looks like raw spots all over my face.

    And to the person above who did active fx tampagirl and I did the total fx which has the deep fx which just from the pain factor between the two passes I could tell the deep fx must work much better than active fx alone and 3 times as deep. But we'll see about that I'll post pics once I recover and thanks to tampagirl for the info inspiring me to do this

  10. Thanks tampagirl youve inspired me to do this...in 2 hours lol.Just saw your pics and yeah my scars are extremely close to your old pics, hope I have results comparable to your afters cuz these cyctic scars all over have been crampin my style ;) Ill post some pics later as well

  11. ...i just applied it to the scars around 6 times to each one...

    Does this mean you swab each scar 6 times once a day, or swab each scar on six different occasions throughout the day?

    No i meant i applied the undiluted ACV six times to each scar with the toothpick, I did not break the skin, just pressed firmly as you would with TCA Cross method, I am going to do this twice a day untill it scabs, the areas are quite red now so i figure if i keep going till it scabs it will have the same effect as the TCA, which i have done 3 times previously, last one 7weeks ago.Im also taking 1000mg of Vitamin C twice daily.

    Hey Bruin and scarredforever. I just tried this method on two scars a few moments ago and have countless more to go. However my toothpick broke through the skin just barely as I did this to the 2. And they became slightly red. Am I doing this right or did I just make those 2 scars worse??

    Would you mind explaining in a bit more detail exactly what you do and dont want to do with this (minus the whole vitamin c part) because I'm entirely not sure and want to do this with success and not mess anything up further.

    Also, if you have bigger scars could you possibly replace the ACV with lactic acid 40% with better results?


  12. Ok, I thought purging meant that you bring zits to the surface, but I'm not bringing zits, just my marks are just more prevalent. Kind of a lot so.

    Oh well, I hope purging means that it'll work. I just didn't think I'd get too much purging b/c I'm already using G-acid, but I guess this is leaving it on as opposed to a wash, so I guess it makes sense.

    Well I think it's similiar to mandelic acid a bit and a week later my red marks looked much worse and even my mom commented on christmas about how whatever I was doing was making my face much worse. However its been about 2 weeks now and my skin looks much much better I believe the worsening comes from exfoliation and so at first more red or scar area is noticeable as its brought to the top. Shortly after it'll keep working (atleast it just did for me starting yesterday) and looks like its dramatically improving everyday.

  13. My question is simple:

    I am cleansing and applying 50/50 apple cidar vinegar and green tea, moisturize in the morning.

    and at night i cleanse, apply 50/50 apple cidar vinegar and green tea, apply BP, then moisturize at night.

    Can i add the puredeming intense gel into the routine? Ive heard that puredeming exfoliates and so does apple cidar vinegar so im wondering if that would over-exfoliate? just wondering


    Do it, good combination