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  1. Hi I have been using retin a micro for many years. It just makes your skin more sensitive. I dont think it would bleed more...
  2. I think it is normal. Retin A makes your skin more sensitive and it might make your other products sting. On the up side, retin a makes the skin ready for a better absorbtion of other topicals you might use. Retin A take time to work and you are probably in your initial break out period. Red marks disapear much faster with retin A. I would say maybe 3 months for your old red marks. Redmarks from the new pimples you might get now will probably disapear faster.
  3. I have been using retin a for many years. Like you, i have heard that retin a spead up production of cells. I think it rather speads up the shedding of old cells and makes them less sticky. There are excellent articles about retin a on dermadoctor.com. I have never read or heard that accutane slows down cell production. As for my own expericence, i have been on accutane and i did continue to use retin a a few times a week during my first month of accutane. I dont think they would cancel each
  4. hi I have been using retin a for about 10 years now. I have used stievamycin get ( retin a with antibiotics mixed in one gel) and i found that one worked better on active pimples. Now i dont have pimples anymore so i just use retin a to keep my pores clear. Now i use Retin A Micro. Retin A Micro is supposed to be stongest % and least irritating of all retin A . Waiting 10 minutes after washing a good idea. I have read that 30 minutes is even better. I usually apply it 15 minutes after w
  5. I think it should be fine. The only problem might be that it will dry out your skin slightly more. I use retin A and the only toner i can use is Orange Blossom Floral water.
  6. My derm told me to use retin a micro at night and Glycolic acid in the morning. Glycolic acid really helps with the flakiness. It removes dead surface skin so the retin will be better absorbed when you apply it in the evening. If you have lots of pimples, maybe Stievamycin would be better than retin A micro for the moment because it has antibiotics mixed with the retin A.
  7. Have your tried using differin at night and AHA in the morning.
  8. Retin A is not a spot treatment. You should use it all over your face. It will prevent future breakouts and make your skin really smooth. Stievamycin is great on inflammatory acne because it contains antibiotic. I am not sure why you have both retin A and stievamycin? Stievamycin is retin-a PLUS antibiotics all in one.
  9. i use a pea size on each side of my face. (Pea size really means the size of a little frozen green pea) One pea on the left, one pea on the right. Redness is worst for the first few months. Skin gets used to it after a while and it gets better. But mild redness will always be an issue with retin a. To deal with redness, i found using a moisturizer specially made to reduce redness works much better than the good old plain moisturizers dermatologist recommend ( like cetaphyl) I love the Derma
  10. i agree with lady odd duck. Maybe the strengh is too strong. Retin a MICRO is strong but less irritating. Dont give up on retin a . Just ask your doctor for a lower strenght or retin a MICRO. Use it only every second night and make sure you wait 30 minutes after washing your face before you apply it. I read this on Derma Doctor, and it really helped me with the irritation. Retin A can be great but you got to find your groove with it! Some people just find it too fussy and they stop. I h
  11. I have been using retin a for about 10 years now and i love it! Since my acne is very much under control now (after accutane), i just use the retin a about 3 or 4 nights a week. I own a health food store, so beleive me, i would LOVE to go all natural with my skin care products. But as soon as i neglect my retin a for too long, my skin gets yucky... Since retin a exfoliates the skin, i find my complexion looks much cleaner and brighter when i use it regularly. I also find i get comedons and b
    not oily, nice texture. Reduces redness and inflammation Anti aging none I love this cream. I use retin a micro and reversa (glycolic acid) about 4 times a week. For the rest of the week i am always looking for a great moisturizer that will calm the redness and flakiness without breaking me out. This one is just perfect. Really calm redness and irritation from retin a micro. Moisturizes very well (eliminates flakiness) Not oily, doesn't clog pores. Ant
  12. Has anyone tried seabuckthorn products? Either the capsules, or using the oil topically? I would like to try it topically as a moisturizer, but i am wondering if it would clog pores. Any comment appreciated!
  13. Hi, I would like to know if anyone has tried Seabucthorn products like the oil, a cream or a soap. I am 33 years old and my acne is under control with Diane 35 and RAM. I am noticing now that my skin is getting dryer and fine lines are appearing. There are a million creams out there for these issues, but even though i dont have active acne, i am still very much acne prone when i use the wrong products. Seabuckthorn interests me, because it looks like a great moisturizer, and it seems to be
  14. Hi, Here is one of my favorite homemade cleanser: 2 tbsp Ground oatmeal 1 tbsp Ground green tea leaves 2 tbsp White clay I keep this in a little jar. I put some in my hand and add a bit of water. Massage the face for about 1 minute before you rinse it off. Sometimes i use low fat milk instead of water. ( I love the goat milk because it is a bit thicker) For an exfoliant, I LOVE ground almonds . I grind them until it looks like flour. I either use the ground almonds by themselves mixed wi