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  1. So, I've already had 3 treatments and still not big of enough difference. Some scars are a little less noticeable but for the amount of money I've spent on the 3 treatments, I'm very hesitant to spend more. My derm said I'd need at least 5 treatments. Is this the type of procedure that the results look better after the skin has had time to regenerate? I'm hoping so. I just want to get to the point of feeling comfortable without makeup and I definitely don't right now! Here is a tip for the p
  2. Did you feel any discomfort during the procedure or did you have numbing cream? I'm just trying to find out because I found the procedure to be VERY painful without. My 2nd time I had her put the numbing cream on but she told me the treatments were not as effective with it.
  3. Ok, so I have had 2 eMatrix treatments done so far (severe acne scarring, uneven skin tone, sun damage) and had some some concerns about it and wanted to compare others experiences with it. 2 of the main reasons why I chose this procedure are the so called "minimal downtime" and that the procedure is supposed to be relatively painless. My first session, my derm didnt even give me the option for numbing cream and it hurt like hell! Everyone is saying how it doesn't hurt but I was super sensitive
  4. I have been struggling with acne since I was 11 years old (in other words, a pretty long time!) and have been wearing makeup since I was about 12 or 13. Most recently, I used anything from Prescriptives, but they are canceling that line (Why???) and I also really liked Neutrogena's skin clearing compact (the creamy foundation one) and I have not been able to find that recently so I guess they discontinued that as well. I used to use Bare Minerals, however it started causing cystic-type breakouts
  5. can anyone recommend a good place in los angeles to get smoothbeam treatments done for a reasonable price?
  6. You paid $300 per treatment? That seems like a great price for L.A.! Can I ask where you had it done at? I've been trying to find a place that will do it for that low. The Laser and Dermatology Institute of California (I'm sure you've seen the billboards for it around L.A.) wanted to charge me almost $9k for 3 smoothbeam treatments! Obviously, I knew this was a scam, so I didn't have it done. How did you like the treatments? Have you gotten results from them? Sorry I can't help with finding so
  7. I recently had a free consult at a place in the L.A. area (they have billboards everywhere) and the doctor tried to sell me on a package of 3 1450-nm diode laser treatments. It seemed great, he promised no more acne scars, no more acne, and he said it could even help woth the dark circles under my eyes. The price for 3 sessions was almost $10k! Obviously, I had to go home and research it and think about it. I recently researched a treament that costs much less, the Smoothbeam laser. They seem to
  8. This is a question for ladies who have done TCA Cross. How long do you have to wait until you can wear makeup after doing a treatment? Can you wear makeup over the scabs? I know this sounds superficial, but I'm a bartender at a nightclub and as shallow was it sounds I have to look good at work. I also am way too self-conscious about my scarred skin to go to work without it.
  9. O_O)--> QUOTE(O_O @ Dec 18 2007, 09:49 PM) 2134098[/snapback] TCA cross on icepicks. It worked alittle bit for me. i'm doing TCA complex(similar to peel? i think) and TCA latte to smooth the scared pores and overall texture, I'm seeing some improvements, not huge though. Are these through a doctor or are they at home treatments? I found some on makeupartistschoice.com that I'd like to try.
  10. I heard of a little trick that a make-up artist posed on message board once. Get a product called EI Solutions Complexion Primer, put a dab of it on a band-aid, and wear it overnight. You are supposed to continue this for 12 weeks or until you see improvement. I have only been doing this for about a week, at night or whenever I'm just hanging out at home. Let me tell you, I do see a bit of difference! I have one huge, deep scar on near my temple that looks so ugly and purple to me, but I swea