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  1. Hey, Jan. Couple questions about this regimen: 1. I'm on an antibiotic from the derm for acne. Tetracycline, I beleive. Three times a day, I'm thinking of going down to two. But anyways, when do you think I should get off the anitbiotic? 2. Using vinegar, how long should I leave it on before washing it off, if I ever should? THanks!
  2. For those who don't (I work for a magazine company), First is a magazine for middle aged women. So some may be embarrased about buying it .
  3. Thanks for the tip, Marx. That other red bump I was talking about is developing a head. I'll let it sit for a few days and then do something with it. Thanks for the response!
  4. OK, I wanted to see if I could get away with just BPing and washing my face once a day, so I tried it for three days. Started off OK, but then, I started getting pimples so I quickly decided to go back to double BPing a day. So, now, I still got these two red bumps on my face. Recently, I haven't been getting normal whiteheads. I've been getting just bumps. But, no matter how many times I tell myself not to mes with it, I do. So I start squeezing the bump, but it only makes it hurt more.
  5. Tap emethod started giving me cysts, so watch out.
  6. I used to always get the normal acne. Ya know, red bumps with a white head? Anyways, now I'm getting these funky ones. They are just small red bumps. No head. I can actually pop them, but it takes alot of work and is very painful. I know they're not cysts, as I've gotten cysts before. Anyone know what these are?
  7. For some reason, Sacrylic Acid causes me to break out. So, can anyone recommend a good peel or treatment that doesn't have Sacrylic Acid? And if anyone else has had problems with Sacrylic Acid, post oyur acne treatments, because I'm curious!
  8. My derm tells me that only time will heal those. I used the tape method for a while and was seeing improvement, but not as much as I wanted. So give it time. Just wait. One day you will look gorgeous and you can give a big colletive "FUCK YOU!!" to all those who looked at you bad and now want you .
  9. Thanks for the link and tips! I'll have to check that out on the shampoo I use. I'm pretty sure it's caffiene in my case since I don't drink any. Could be the alcohol, but I only drink that on the weekends and in small amounts. Same with cigerettes. So I'll check the shampoo out and I think I'll pick up some green tea, too!
  10. OK, my face is clear. I get small white heads every once in a while but I don't mind those. The only thing left that's driving me mad is my forehead! It's covered in these little flesh colored bumps! You can hardly see them, but that's not the problem. Occasionally, they turn into red bumps that you can see and take a while to go away. I'm currently saturating my face with BP 10% twice a day but am not seeing any results on it. I know a major problem is my long hair (it goes down past my no
  11. STATUS 9/2 Well, keeping up with my regimen mostly. Swim at least once a day, shower and use BP at least once a day, taking that medicine twice a day. My forehead looks remarkably clearer, so chalk up another victory to Dan's regimen . So my greatest and pretty much only bane now is my scars left from my cysts These look really nasty. What I think I'm going to start doing is BPing in the morning at at night instead of just at night. Makes my cyst scars less noticeable after coming out fo
  12. My Derm has me on an antibiotic and when I'm on it, I get no cysts at all, but if I miss a day, there's hell to pay .
  13. ACNE PROBLEMS -Forehead gets little bumps and red marks. -Whiteheads, occasionally, but not to much anymore -Blackheads on the nose, tried everything, not to noticeable so I have come to a truce with them . -Cysts. God I hate these things. Problem spots I have are around my nose and at the top of my nose between my eyes, which I concentrate on. And of course my forehead. Other problems I have are emphizima, I think it's called. Get it on the eyelids and around the ears. Always watching out f
  14. OK, to the right of my mouth, I have a bunch of red marks. I used to get alot of cysts, but this antibiotic my derm has me on prevents those from coming (but there's hell to pay if I miss a day of the stuff ). Going to go back and see if he has anything else for them since I don't really get whiteheads anymore (because of the regimen ). Anyways, these cysts left some red marks on my face, and there's a whole bunch of them on the spot I mentioned above. THe rest of my face seemed to have esca