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  1. I was going to respond to your PM when I read this post and wanted to mention something for you to think about. You said you don't like addictive behaviors but feel this whole picking thing might be an addiction and will try and treat it as such. I have no experience in this matter, however, I was wondering if you are a perfectionist by nature or have any obsessive qualities to your personality whereby you might simply be looking at making your skin as "perfect" as it can be at that moment you
  2. "Damn, I should have went on this 2 years ago." haha As I read your last update I, too, was thinking it would have been great if you had gone on this earlier. However, you gotta admit, the view from the rearview mirror is always clearest! Plus, I also think you had to exhaust all your other options before taking this powerful drug. So glad to hear your success!
  3. Hey! Just wanted to pop on here to wish you lots of success with your treatment plan. I sincerely hope this will finally be the answer to clearing up your skin once and for all! As we discussed, be sure to check with your doctor regarding any supplements you plan on taking during your Accutane treatment and immediately after to be sure you can safely take those supplements. The last thing you wanna do is overburden your system as Accutane is powerful. Good luck! Have a great St. Patty'
  4. Hello there lol! :-)

  5. Ooooooooooo ok I wasn't sure if you stopped the Septra or not. If your skin is simply breaking out bc of your period, it will clear back up again shortly. I'm just happy that you know there is always your derm who has worked with you in the past and who knows your skin well. So if you were to have another major problem, he could quickly correct it. It's a really nice feeling when you don't need to rely on antibiotics too. It's nice to know they work, but it's nicer when you don't need them.
  6. Thank you sweetie! My skin really does look like utter crap :( Plus, Im so tired of all these blackheads on my nose; there are over a hundred of them After all the money and time you have spent trying new things bc you didn't think you could continue using your fav SkinCeuticals, perhaps in the end, the money you spent on the SkinCeuticals would have been worth it?! Are you still taking your Septra? If you are, then you can always go back to your SkinCeuticals cleanser again bc you know
  7. I wish Accutane would have just killed the existing breakouts and not allowed new ones to form for you! I don't get all this initial breakout stuff when it's supposed to be shrinking the oil glands not making them more active! Gosh! I wish you a speedy IB and on to great looking skin!
  8. Ahhh let's see... I think the most important tip I've learned and believe in would be that the condition of your skin is very important when you apply your makeup (any type of makeup). If you have lots of flakes or breakouts or dryness, then your makeup will simply not go on as well as without those problems. The companies have all stressed using good products for your type of skin that will help it stay as clear as possible BUT also stress how important exfoliation is to keep it flake free.
  9. Glad to hear your skin is cooperating! It's fun watching makeup videos! When QVC has dif vendors on like Bare Escentuals, Philosophy, etc., I love to watch them apply makeup to the models to get tips too! You could check on QVC.com in their beauty section to see when dif people will be on. It's fun to listen even though you don't buy. For example, even though you might use Everyday Minerals, application is about the same for Bare Escentuals, so it's helpful to listen to the creator of the p
  10. HAPPPPY BIRTHDAYYY DAN!!!!! Hope it was an especially good one this year and wish you many, many more to come!
  11. Yes, I have heard about it before. No, I do not have it. The reason I know about it is about three or so years ago I had a yellowish tiny spot on my cheek that didn't go away. It looked like a pore had overgrown. Since the derm always checks skin in general, he said that one spot was a sebaceous gland hyperplasia and that he would simply freeze it and it would return to normal looking. It was tiny but dif than the rest of my pores so I noticed it. He froze it and it returned to normal afte
  12. I have no suggestions regarding cleansers, but I did want to mention jojoba for soothing skin. You mentioned aloe vera, which I know lots of people love, but I particularly like one or two drops of jojoba oil either before or after my nightly topicals. I have oily skin too, and it's not very sensitive, but the jojoba calms down my skin wonderfully so it doesn't feel overtreated. I make sure not to irritate my skin in general, but I also believe the jojoba helps with that. I use literally one