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  1. Hello Everyone I am moving an looking to sell my Verlilux ClearWave light. I bought it on Amazon 2 years ago for $189. I am willing to get rid of it for $150, it works great and i no longer need to use it at this point. Message me in your interested. I still have it in box, with googles, and all instructures materials in box. All the bulbs work, i just have not had the need to use it and thought i would pass it on to someone who could benefit. Please message me if your interested, i
  2. Its been 2 weeks since my 1st injection and its looking great, all the marks and the bruises are completely gone, the bruises took the longest to heal, but they are gone! And the scars are still there but just not as deep, like the only way i can describe it is that they are not so harsh or jagged, like it softens them up....but again this could only be temporary & it is probably gonna go back to normal....i was busy this week so i had to cancel my 2nd appt, and couldnt get rescheduled ti
  3. Hello again Its been a week since the saline injections and I have to say, no improvements at all, for the first few days the scars appeared to be less deep but of course they are all back good as new now. And plus I still have red marks and the bruises from the injection site, this defeintely is a drawback and hurts the look of a smooth clear complexion with not only dents but now the marks everywhere. I have another appt scheduled for Jan 7th, and im debating whether to go through with it..
  4. Hello Everyone, Im back and thought I would revive this thread. I havent really been on this site lately because my acne problems are completely eliminated thanks too....Paulas Choice, Spiro, and Ortho-tric Cyclene, as well as Doxy. As for my scars, its been 6 months since my last fraxel i think its hte restore, its defenitely not the newest one. I can see an improvement but it is really really slight, I mean there are defentely huge dents that are still there...and still bother me, al
  5. Golfer is probably just upset that he paid all that money and is bright red.....scars still........ I said i would do anything for scar improvement, but I actually saw a lady in the derms office who came in a day or 2 after her repair tx....and let me say she looked like a burn victim, im not talking extreme sunburn, im talking it looked like she had stuck her face in fire & they had put all this gel cream all over it....so effing scary. my bright red face w/ all those brown dots for a
  6. i sware to god that happend to me, like i had a small zit in Jan on the tip of my nose, really small & very coverable w/ makeup, then i messed around w/ it, and it was a little scab...not as easy to cover, but then after a few days the scab fell off, but like it was still bright red, i had to cover it every day, i tried putting finacea on it for a few weeks but nothing & usually that makes things less red in week or so, still bright red & it started to get like a little bump, so i th
  7. I do.....i have been on 100mg doxy since April 07....and I have been using Verilux religiously since Nov 07.... No bad side effects of thats what your asking....
  8. I defintely think they help my skin at least. I take Women's One a Day
  9. I am 27 and although i dont think i will have kids for awhile, the thought scares me to death, because i KNOW that if I go off the pill, i will look like a monster. I really dont know what i am going to do w/out antibiotics and hormones going crazy. Aughhhh that sounds like a nightmare.....makes me almost want to adopt thats how bad i think it would be for my skin.....horrifying. i guess i will cross that bridge when i get there someday........le sigh........
  10. Thought i would share with you guys... Today was my first day back to work after taking off 2 days for my Fraxel on Monday. Normally (maybe cause my settings were lower) no one really noticed my flakey skin or the redness had all but subsided. Well not today.....I didnt think i looked that bad, but my co-worker kept staring at me which made me feel self conscious.....and then she said "wow, youre really brave to come into work like that" Then the lady in the cafeteria was like "what ha
  11. I remember on the night before the california primary election this year....i had a little blackhead....maybe a teenie pimple underneath the skin.......... i put some 10% BP on it....i woke up the next morning.........the thing was HUGE...monsterous...lukily i was taking antibiotic, contintued to use the BP, as well as my light box treatment.....it took about 1 week to go away, but i couldnt believe it got so big so fast.
  12. I posted before that approximately 1 week after my 3rd fraxel i began to get little breakouts all over, i decided to not exactly do dan's regimine but use dan's 2.5% lotion in the daytime under moisturizer, just in the day. I found that my skin was getting kind of red and "burnt"like in some areas, not sure if that would happen to anyone or had anything to do w/ the fraxeled skin.....my breakouts stopped though!! hahaha.. oh well, this time around im just going to spot treat w/ 10% lotio
  13. Ive been here a while and the general pattern is if someone's scars have improved significantly then they tend to not come back. I've dropped off the boards a few times after laser resurfacing treatments, because for a few months after each one my skin plumps up to the point where I stop obsessing. If only it lasted! I'm doing my 2nd Fraxel next week and I promise to keep reporting my results. I intend to have 10 treatments over the next 18 months. Yes, I will continue to have treatments
  14. Well he kind of divides my face like in sections and only goes (for example from my cheek to my nose) and then runs the wand really fast back and forth. he does the entire face like this, those are the horizontals....then he takes a little break for a few secs. Then he does the verticals the same way over the entire face. then he gets the areas that are my most problematic (ie my cheecks) and does some passes back and forth with the wand. By this time im ready to pass out.....so I dont t
  15. I am not going to lie.....60MJ .......hurt like a BEOTCH!!!!!! I started tearing up under the googles, and i thought I had a high tolerance for pain. Guess not.... I was told not to use any perscriptions creams like BP while undergoing fraxel (which i was doing...yikes!!) Oh well, maybe ill just spot treat with it. In the event that I get another breakout from Fraxel, I had finally got everythign under control and now i just had my laser today. Oh well I will try to fight this