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  1. I think the theory is that if you wash with water too much or use a cleanser you are disrupting your skins natural acid mantle. I have been following this regimen for about 2 weeks now. I had pretty much stopped using BP and was only using the cleanser to shave and BP for spot treatment. I was getting fed up because nothing was really changing and I felt that the cleanser was just irritating my skin. Initially I noticed a big change. My face definitely looked better. However, after 2 weeks
  2. Yeah I am doing this myself. I weaned myself off slowly. I started using less and less BP and only used the cleanser in the morning. Then I stopped BP and only used a cleanser and a moisturizer. Now I am not using cleanser or moisturizer and I am letting my face heal and it looks great!
  3. I would only stop using BP if your active acne has subsided. I followed the regimen for 2 years. Now I don't really get breakouts anymore so I am just using the cleanser and moisturizer. However, I am thinking about stopping the cleanser as well and just letting my skin repair itself now. I have noticed that if I don't do anything to my face it looks pretty good.
  4. Well I have been following the regimen for about 2 years. My face really cleared up and I barely have any active acne anymore. However I still have some redness and red bumps. Right now I only use BP as a spot treatment and I am really trying to eliminate it completely. I would really like to allow my skin to naturally heal itself and regain my skin's acid mantel. Currently I am using Dan's cleanser. I use 3 pumps and then shave with it. It works okay, but I don't feel like it's the great
  5. When I wash my hands with just water my hands get oily from my face. Is that okay? Right now I am just applying moisturizer at night because I don't really have active acne anymore. But my face still gets pretty red and dry, so I am just trying to fix that and prevent further breakouts.
  6. I am wondering how I should wash my face at night? Should I take a second shower? Should I just try to wash my face in the sink? Should I used the cleanser or just water? Thanks
  7. I have been taking zinc for the past three days and I have been abstaining for those three days as well. I have noticed a dramatic decrease of oil on my nose. Normally after a full day my nose would be all oily but for the past 3 days it has been oil free! I would really recommend trying some zinc and abstaining from masturbation for a while and see if your face is less oily. I definitely have seen an improvement in myself. Like ktp said, you could ingest your own semen...but I think abstai
  8. I think it has something to do with the zinc levels. Zinc is important for healthy skin. Semen contains a lot of zinc. In fact it contains more zinc that you most likely consume in a day. I can't remember the exact numbers and I can't find the article that I was reading this from right now. But anyways that's my guess.
  9. Well first I would like to thank Dan for this website. There is a wealth of information on here, and I am truly grateful. I am a 21 year old guy and have had acne on my face for about 3-4 years. About one year ago I started using Dan's regimen and it really helped reduce my moderate acne to mild acne. I am very grateful for that. =) However for the past few months I feel like I am stuck. Here is a picture of me. I actually look pretty clear in this photo but basically my face is a little