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  1. hello, On both of my cheeks i have round flat pink spots (not red), im not sure if they are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation its only been their for 2 weeks and they seem to be fading, but really slow. Is there any way to speed up this process? I heard BP slows the process but im not sure. -Currently im using : Veniece Facial soap (bar), Cetaphil Mositurizing lotion, Zapzyt -Thanks in advance
  2. Ok thanks for everything ill try it out.
  3. thanks for the input. Yes the soap is very effective, just washing my face with warm water will dry up my face bad, it may be caused by the cold weather here. Also today is the first day i used this cetphil lotion, so maybe my face needs to get used to it overnight? -Ive tried vaseline lotion - (that failed due to clogged pores) Next thing i tried was that clean and clear acne lotion ( that help for 5mins, then my face dried up again) Now today i am using that cetaphil lotion
  4. Hello, I have very dry skin, it does not flake but when I wash my face, it will dry up and will be rough and it hurts to smile or do any facial gestures. Currently I purchased a bottle of Cetaphil moisturizing lotion hoping that it will work because it says its for dry and sensitive skin, also reviews were good, and when I put it on my face still it is still rough and my face gets really red, I was using clean and clears acne mostiruzer but that did nothing, and today is the first day that I us