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  1. Although ive already did my course of accutane 3 years ago and after i read your post maybe i should have tried this first.....hmmm im going to try some probiotics.
  2. Stick with it by the end of your course there be little to no acne, you will have normal skin and it will change your life!!!!
  3. Yes listen to shawnW, he practically describe me in high school too. My advice is to heal your emotional scars and your self-image first, that acne caused before you go spending money. I read many stories, that even when they get there scars corrected physically, they continued to act and behave inferior regardless of the changes of physically appearance. Why? Its as if personality has a face and if that remains scarred the person will continue to act out this role as a inferior person. As for
  4. No your the hottie. You Hottie! LOL!

  5. It really impacted my social life during high school, I'm missing in all but one of my yearbooks, because I would skip picture day. I never went to any of the dances because I had no date and I didn't want any attention drawn to my face. My idea of fun for the weekend was go rent video games and play them all weekend. It was pretty bad for me.
  6. To me all pickup is developing a attractive personality and lifestyle, and constantly raising your value to others, while staying away from weak supplicative behaviors that lowers value. Those techniques and gimmicks are for beginners so they can practice opening up, borrowed confidence is what I call it. There is a time and place for them. Just remember those tips, tricks and techniques will not work if you don't have your innerself in check. you can search some of my posts also I gave some goo
  7. You really need to condition yourself into talking to women you find attractive, Spend a like 10 mins a day talking to girls you don't find attractive like old ladies, fatties, youngens...whatever. Then you'll eventually relize that you can hold a conversation with any type of girl cause its all the same. Then you realize that there really is no pressure to impress, or not be yourself, or get with them, you'll be more relaxed and clear thinking and hold better conversations. The reason why you c
  8. I actually had this happen to me. I had a co-worker that would was strictly morman, 260lb fat ass, was a virgin, and I was trying to be nice give him some advice about how buying expensive gifts for girls that you like, is not a good idea, if your expecting her to like you because of it. So he gets all offended and is says "sounds like your a virgin too". So he'd ask me how many gf's I had, but at the time I didn't have one, and everytime I'd work with him he'd tell me I had no game, and that I
  9. Hey i used 2 get really bad headaches & feel tired alot.I came of roacctane in october last year & by acne has'nt returned.I feel wonderful now i used to get sooo depressed & i felt ugly =P Good luck For the future & hold ya head up High lovex

  10. This is were inner game comes in, If your afraid all the time you'll never get her. Don't give a fuck. The best way to get a girl is to be unafraid to lose her in the first place. Thats a attractive attitude. She has to know your joking. If she doesn't that just more to bust her on. Show some personality don't be a robot towards women be natural. Say something funny then be serious about it then say "Just Kidding." Be cocky then funny, get it? Be in control of the conversation always know what t
  11. Ask your friend to put a good word for you. He should be helping you out. For whatever reason she disqualified you out before you approached. Also so you know any approach telegraphs intrest therefore lowering your value. So you must quickly recover by conveying personality value. Be intresting right off the bat, or before hand. Cocky, funny Should have been like "So your matt's friend right, he said your into whips and chains real kinky stuff." If she says no, say "That too bad or say I'm just
  12. I not sure what Nicholas Cage movie this was from but you need his B.A.D Philosophy: Balls Attitude Direction but seriously confidence=series of past successes. Boxing trainers do this all the time to there trainees they put them up against lower lever guys(easy wins). Build there confidence for the big fight. Knockout the easy wins build confidence.