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  1. You are absolutely right. Sugar was once a delicacy only for the rich. Nowadays it's cheap as dirt and is found in pretty much everything. What's even worse is they heavily use high fructose corn syrup which is worse than sucrose (half glucose, half fructose). The fact the environment underpins the pathogenesis of acne suggests that a lot of people are genetically predisposed to acne. The environment in which we live in affects gene expression. Acne is a really hard disease to treat because
  2. Sadly if you stop using retin A or any other retinoid your skin condition will slowly come back. I suppose you probably could ask your derm for the cream indefinitely. I know that retin-A is very popular among women over 40 for improving skin texture. If you can't get the retinoid prescription you might consider an over the counter topical preparation that has retinol (needs to be at a high concentration) or retinaldehyde. AHAs, azelaic acid and mandelic acid might give similar results to reti
  3. Apparenlty if you want to reduce your risk of prostate cancer you should masturbate daily. I reckon if you masturbate every single day it could possily translate into fruitful sex life in your older years (hey if you don't use it you lose it!). I think the main reason why masturbation may flare up acne is because of a zinc deficiency. Zinc is synonomous with the male reproductive system. Ejaculate is high in zinc. So perhaps you just need to supplement. Personally I don't think masturbation ca
  4. Umbrae, how do you use you Neostrta AHA? I need some help.

  5. Zorac is expensive and not really worth it long term. Initially you will break out. It does get rid of pimples to some extent, but as for blackheads its a miss. Theonly thing I liked about it is I had a nice ruddy complexion. If I had the money I would not hesitate buying it again, not for the acne but for its anti ageing properties. It reverses sun damage and helps increases dermal thickness. I did actually have younger looking skin after a year on it.
  6. Good luck with the accutane. Breakout probably lastst 1 to 2 weeks (it did for me) until yous smooth sailing. Don't foget to use sunscreen everywhere! You might feel a bit lethargic on it, so your attempts at weight lifting (or whatever you do) might not be up to par. If you're using whey protein or some kind of body building supplement, make sure it doesn't contain vitamin A (beta carotene is okay though).
  7. I would opt for AHAs, BHAs, Azelaic acid or Mandelic Acid. Do not buy the chemical exfoliants in a cleanser. You'd be best buying these treatments as lotions (so you can let the exfoliant do its job over a long time frame).
  8. You seem to have a very superficial view of women in general. Perhaps you have matured emotionally but still cling to just the physical aspect of love (i.e. lust). Maybe these supposed modern girls are no more than blonde bimbo drones regurgitated by the latest fad in cosmetics and fashion. There are plenty of girls who are beautiful and have a personality to match. Perhaps you would be more interested in a girl who is physically and mentally attractive (i.e. a girl who is smart, witty or just p
  9. This 'die off' that everyone talks about is something that happens naturally, regardless of whether you have candida or not. If you are eliminating sugar and carbs in general, you are definitely going to feel lethargic because you are forcing your body to use fat as its prime energy fuel. Your brain has to literally change gene expression to be able to use ketones as an energy source. Everybody who embarks on a low carb diet goes through an initial stage of lethargy. As for fat, forget about t
  10. What kind of supplements? It seems his focus is on leaky gut syndrome. Apart from diet there are a lot of supplements that you can buy from supplement retailers and the supermarket. Examples include grapefruit, coconut oil and probiotics. I would be very wary of a doctor who advertises his supposed miracle cure on youtube.
  11. Apparently there's a study showing that men with blue eyes prefer women with blue eyes so they can ascertain the paternity of their children (kids should have blue eyes). It gets more complicated when you factor in mutations that could happen during or after meiosis. It is very much possible for two blue eyed parents to have children with brown eyes. Though I still like to think the wife was cheating on hubby with the brown eyed milk man:D As for acne, they're might be a certain gene that deter
  12. Just what everyone says...eat fat! Use butter like crazy. You many want to cook with olive oil or peanut oil due to their high oleic acid content. Refer to the link on oleic acid. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/...81007123647.htm It takes a good week of constant fat eating to reach ketosis where you'll utterly hate any morsel of food. I've been on the very low carb diet for 2 weeks and I'm at the stage where I eat only once per day (e.g half an omelette) and then I'm full. I hav
  13. I would try and eliminate fruit from the diet. I remember reading that insulin stimulates the production of IGF-1 which aggravates acne so cutting out fruit and hence carbs might be an option. I would consider going on a low carb, high fat diet to treat a possible case of fatty liver. Apparently fructose is the main contributor of fatty liver. Remember, fat is really good for you!
  14. I have used Benzac before (both the 5% and 10%). I never did like the way it rubbed into my skin. It would always leave white marks behind.....and don't even talk about the pilling. If you're having trouble applying the cream you may want to try the Brevoxyl 4% cream. I've used it with good results (clears acne and has a nice constistency that rubs in well). If you want to go for something a little more sophisticated you might consider trying to get a prescription for epiduo gel. It has Ben