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  1. Every Michigan spring I tend to break out really bad with cysts. It is almost like clockwork. My face was clear a week ago and now random cysts are popping up out of the blue. I think it is because the weather gets significantly warmer and thus my face gets oilier. I can just feel and see the oil on my face when I get home. When it is dry outside my oil is controlled...It is also quite controlled in the summer. But the spring time just gets me bad for some reason. The same thing happened when I
  2. Hey, keep it up that good attitude...you seem to be doing fine.
  3. Sounds interesting man! Few questions though: How are you telling what temp the foil is? Which type of thermometer? I would probably use something like iron...However, you are still not going to maintain that temperature so i suggest keeping the power source on! lol you even have to replace the cartridge every 90 uses...wtf? are you serious? its a piece of metal that gets heated hhaha...
  4. Great improvement! Just out of curiosity, what did the doctor say you could do about the scaring? Won't chemical peels work out?
  5. wow, I guess my derm wasnt that much of a prick after all...It seems most of them are like that. I still think it's wrong though... Anyways, Im on my 12th day of the regimen and my face hasnt really improved...It might have actually gotten worse if anything. The retin A only caused dryness the first several days I applied it...My skin got used to it now and I don't get any flakes...I have stuck to the regiment pretty religiously; I only missed one dosage of Antibiotics. Instead of using Mino, i
  6. I'm taking Doryx which is doxy but extended release and took 2 100mg pills a day. My derm told me to kick it down to one pill when my face improved so I did after about 1.5 months. After a week and a half of taking 1 pill, my face broke out really bad so yesterday I moved it back up to 2-100mg pills a day . that is exactly what my derm prescribed...But I got the .05% retin a and was to take 75mg of dox a day (or mino...he said whichever one was cheaper)...I don't have any input because
  7. why do you take both doxy pills in the morning? what percentage of retin a are you using?
  8. So I have tried nearly every regimen on this website to help my moderate to severe acne. None of them really cleared me 100%. Dan's regiment cleared me for a while but definitely not 100%. I then tried botchla's and delna's regimens and those didnt work out....And finally I tried out a regimen with glycolic acid 10% (AHA lotion)...At a point it got me to 100% clear. But for some weird reason my face just broke out a week later. I also tried proactive for a month...it made my face worse... I got
  9. day 46...I've pretty much given up on this...I will look around for a dermatologist.
  10. Day 35...face looking terrible for some reason. I really am breaking out everywhere ! cheeks and forehead. I have no idea why!
  11. Ok, think of it like this...Why are there people on these forums right now? Because, they have tried proactive and it didnt work out for them! This is home to MANY proactive veterans! You are definitely getting biased responses here... I actually tried Dan's regimen first...It worked for a while then it stopped...I then tried proactive for a month(followed it religiously) and my face turned into a warzone. Now I am week 3 into an AHA regimen ( the thread title is "all clear w/ AHA"), and my fa