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    I am a photographer...kinda ironic when you think about it right? a field BASED ON LOOKS...and here i am suffering from acne and horrible self esteem issues lol<br /><br />anyways as i said im a photographer based out in Los Angeles, California...i travel to florida, vegas, chicago, ny montly for shoots etc.<br /><br />im 19 years old suffered from acne since about the age of 11...really young, never really been the HIGH self esteem...anyways sorry i haven't posted any "ACNE" photos...as i said im a photographer, and also a designer so i know how to "COVER" my acne from lighting techniques as well as post editing...anyways i'll post some new pics soon etc. you can always catch me on myspace as well at<br /><br />www.myspace.com/royaltysgrafix
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    I KNOW I DONT LOOK LIKE I HAVE ACNE HERE...mostly because im a photographer and i edit well (Will post REAL photos)