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  1. What is the full recovery time from subsicion ? (from bruise and having red bumps to no bruise at all ) ? my doctors told me that to have subcision done u will get red bumps and bruise for at least 3-4 months . is it really that long ? i kinda worry since i would like to have it done
  2. I've only read a few pages of this topic since the internet server is so slow . But one of the member called MEaGAiN is really very very pretty . Look like a fashion model.
  3. bump anyone have experience that scars look more obivious during accutane then improved after going off the medicine?
  4. i totally agree with you about pressure on women to have good skin . espeically when people say chinese girl tend to have good skin with less pimple bla bla bla..........i am chinese and i have so many scars .
  5. i also lost my confidence from the day i had acne. I had acne when i was 12 , that is the age when you started dress up yourself to look nice in front of boys and straigtening the hair to make it look nice , put on some makeup.......... All girls were doing that . But that was the time i got my acne . 7 years later my acne was most gone, but left with scars all over face . The pain seem never go away.When i start to feel better of my scars , people comment oppositely . They said" what happen t
  6. To the original poster, It is what a coincident that i asked the same question to myself ( i am a girl) 2 days ago when i watch the film " PEARL HARBOUR" . I looked at Rave and Dany ( the soldiers in the film) and thought do they still look good if they have scars? The answer is definitely YES ! But it is what a pity that some local forum in my country have topics about this question and most men and women answer " NO NO NO " " a girl with acne or acne scars are not pretty at all ....." " no
  7. AvascularNecrosis , <----------bone failure System Lupus Erythematosus , Thyroid Hormone Imbalance, is there any relationship to do with roaccutane? anyone have ever heard of that?
  8. 120mg?? so much ? didnt the instruction say only 0.5 mg per kg? i was 98 pds when i took accutane and i tooke 30mg everyday already made me suffer the painful sideeffect so badly.
  9. 1.Do scars look more obvious during the course of roaccutane ?(sometimes i heard the answer was yes but sometimes ppl said roaccutane help scars ??) 2.Why should i wait til 6 months later to have scar treatment? i mean ppl said going through scar treatment right after or durnig roaccutane would have the chance of additional scars . but is there any reasons to explain this? i have many scars all over my face , but my plastic surgeon said many of them are not deep enough to have excision.but th
  10. i would recommend those spot treatment such as excision , dermal grafts or tca spot treat but no laser treatment . as i see each of your scar have certain distance apart which make them easier to be spotted treat , unlike those rolling scars . so treatments like dermal grafts ,tca and excision can specifically spot treat them .
  11. there is a dermatologist here telling her patient that affirm laser can not go deep into the skin .Therefore even scars appear less noticible at the begining,the scar tissue will eventully pulling the skin deeper so the result of affirm laser is not permanent . Then she suggest her patient to do fraxel which can go deep into the skin and avoid the problem like affirm laser . But i guess there should be no laser that can break the scar tissue in the market? so all laser result is not permanent
  12. http://www.dermaroller.de/Needle-info.htm Here is the comparasion of the different rollers .
  13. Heard that you can't wax your face while on tretinoin , what about threading?
  14. i have gone to many drug stores but they only have the cream one . But i heard gel work better than cream as gel penetrate better . so i want to use the gel form