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  1. yeah, i've been diagnosed with manic depression/anxiety, i was on a very low dosage of diazepam, and it didnt really do all that much for me, im not sure how it affected my skin because i was eating wheat/gluten then, so my skin was basically constantly flared up i figured that if they upped the dosage of diazepam, that i'd feel better, and it'd help me relax. however im concerned that it may case my acne to flare up again.
  2. quinoa is what i've been eating for 4 weeks now, with some fresh vegetables and tofu the redness that used to sit under the skin on my cheeks is fading I'm also moisturising and using a deep pour wash in the mornings, and evenings, and taking omega 3 suppliments in the mornings which seems to be helping, recently i added salmon and mackarel to my meals, and now im having breakouts, is this normal? i figured the omega 3 from the fish would be beneficial there is now literally no wheat or glut
  3. Dealing with serious depression, have been for afew years now. tried tackling it with meditation, i'm a regular gym go'er also, going 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, while this has helped a little [and helped me build considerable muscle] its not enough. I'm thinking of going on diazepam tablets to help me out a little, as im so down all the time. will diazepam have a negative effect on my skin?
  4. my skin seems to react to wheat and dairy products, so i've just recently gone on to soya milk and oat based cerials, avoiding wheat and gluten where possible. will oats have a positive or negative effect on my skin?