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  1. Yes, I agree with you that currently, I think the best treatment is combination of subcision (maybe TCA to get rid of excessive oil that may dilute laser peneratration) and Fraxel:CO2 for deeper scars. I've done Fraxel:Erbium 4 times and had about 15% improvement - not so great but maybe limitation of Erbiums - right now I'm am looking into Fraxel:CO2 (Smartxide DOT) and subcision/TCA for my next course of treatments.
  2. " Fraxel makes microscopic holes using laser. Needling makes microscopic holes mechanically. They should both be able to give the same result. Needling is much cheaper and it should be easier to target individual scars. " Laser beam diameters are tens of thousands times smaller than needles. Our skin is an intricate matrix made up of molecular sized connective tissues, collagens, fibroblasts and glands. Sticking a needle through these matrix of skin organelles is like sticking a baseball b
  3. The reason that majority of medical doctors do not recommend it is because it is not a very effective method, especially for deeper scars. Many doctors believe that you can achieve better results with other modality (and combination of) than needling if you put in the same type of dedication and time into improving your scars. I can find 100 times testimonial articles, medical advises, including with my experience, to tell you that there are much better alternatives out there. I've asked ma
  4. I've read people getting rid of very mild scarring with Retin-A and other types of topicals alone. I've seen good results with peels, again for what I consider very mild scars compared to mine. For deep/severe scars, it is my opinion, and opinion of many docs, that there are very few options and (dermaroller isn't one). And the majority of docs has looked at my skin has always kept the options to these: 1. Deep dermabrasion, several times every 6 months. 2. Co2 full-face resurfacing, sever
  5. You said to me in other thread a month ago: Everybody gets improvements from dermaroller, even up to 90% result. Interpret it anyway you want. I read it exactly as I have stated. Case closed.
  6. Oh my god. You trash a good doc here as a nobody for disagreeing with your dermaroller, and you want to make accusations? There you ago again with misinformation about needling vs Fraxel, you guys have posted that crap countless times every where you go - some never ever tried fraxel or dermaroller, now I post my opinion after having done both, and talked to dozens of docs, and you selfish junkies want to accuse me of your own worst tendencies when you take up 99.99% of the bandwidth here pl
  7. You still haven't answered that simple question. I'll take your silence as you lost. I know you miss me and all, but you if you don't get busy, you will miss your daily quota of 1,000 dermaroller spams.
  8. Appealing to authority, the oldest salesman trick in the book. And this one seems to be self-generated. The only reason he is well known is because you junkies keep recycling it again and again. You guys have spammed dermaroller so many times, every thread, every day. Whenever you google dermaroller, it links it to one of you guys post here. When I google Dr. Chu, I got some dude in Hawaii, with his clinic, website, as the top return. Seems he is more famous than your Dr. Chu in England,
  9. Dude, I'm tired of this wild goose chasing. I showed you real doc on here saying dermaroller sucks and pose a higher risk of infection than lasers. You slander him as a nobody. You guys show me some doc nobody ever heard of and anoint him to be world's greatest, make fantastical claims of 100% scar improvement in like a month, offering no proof, no pics, no links, but it is perfectly ok. If I were like you, I'd call you out. How about Llamer's pictures, how about have him certify his pics w
  10. Yes your acne will slowly fade away over time, it has to do with a combination of factors: genetics, diet, lifestyle, age. I think mine flared up around 15 and most fade around 22, and didn't completely fade away until 29. My scars, most of it, was set at 20, with the rest occurring between 20-30. I do still get occasional break-outs, mostly after I eat very oily foods or when I'm extremely stressed. So moral of story is to never ever pick your scars, always have a healthy diet, lifestyle a
  11. The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test was first developed by a Harvard doctor in 1975. The test is based on a person's complexion and response of a person's skin to sun exposure. There are six Fitzpatrick skin types. They range from Type I-VI: I Pale white skin, blue/hazel eyes, blond/red hair Always burns, does not tan II Fair skin, blue eyes Burns easily, tans poorly III Darker white skin Tans after initial burn IV Light brown skin Burns minimally, tans easily V Brown skin Rarely
  12. Fraxel/laser was free for awhile in some countrie's national health insurance, do I use that figure to make an argument? The last I checked (a month ago), right here, the going rate: ONE 2.0mm needle cost $300-$400, one session of needling clost $200-$300. Topical creams NOT included. They advise me I need to rebuy the needle again after 4-6 sessions. Lammar said to do it at least 2 years (which could well mean 3 years), add in all the special miracle creams & non-mircale creams, LED li
  13. As for his pics, I have given him as much benefit of doubt as he has given me. If you read my posts, I'm stating: 1. For me, dermaroller doesn't work for moderate/deep scars and I think made some appear worse. I'm not willing to risk more scarring, be a guniea pig, for bunch of dermaroller junkies. 2. And if his experience is exactly what he tells us (seeing how he keeps making revisions about dermaroller's effectiveness from 100% to now not for everyone without terproline & LED), I'm
  14. Seriously folks, try to have a level head here. I've seen more amazing pictures from many websites from the fraxels (3rd generation) I'm doing. I've also seen some amazing pictures from TCA right here on acne.org. Only one of these two things will happen: 1. People waste their time and money for another 'miracle' product. 2. Dermaroller works, LED + terproline works even better. In which case, every medspa in the world would never ever waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on usless las