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  1. also please remember that people who are cured usually dont hang around the acne msg boards
  2. Jay - what mg are you currently on during your last month? (and how much do you weigh) I am starting my last (hopefully) month today - My MG went like this: 40 - 40 - 50 - 50 - 60<--- So 60 this final month - and I weigh 60 KG Im kinda worried about the 10mg increase. I dont really like the idea, but I figure might as well for the last month.
  3. my question regards those who have taken accutane more than once. Do you think there is any way to predict how effective your course will be? I realize this is probably not an easy question to answer. I just pray that one course will be enough for me. Im currently starting my 4th month at 50 mg per day. Only 2 months left.
  4. oh and if the common idea is to up my dosage, I dont think I really can or should. I weigh 60 kg. (130lbs) If I continue my course for 2 more months my cumulative dosage will be 120mg/kg, which is recommended as far as I have read. Maybe I need to drink more water. I have been ignoring that part pretty badly. Also, my tryglycerides are a bit elevated in my blood tests, another reason why I most likely wont up my dosage. hope to hear from you all.
  5. I dont get it people. I've got a couple of semi-cyst like closed comedone kinda sore pimples .. and I just started my fourth month of accutane. wtf? I alternate taking 40mg and 60 mg each day. I take my dosage once a day at dinner since I dont eat breakfast. My skin is dry, lips dry, all that good accutane stuff. So why this crap? My derm wasnt that worried. . . but I am.
  6. I'm just curious. Is it six weeks? What about tanning? Six weeks? If you know, tell me
  7. Thanks Green Eyes, accutane is a very powerful drug, but its a risk Im willing to take. I hope for the best, and I hope you do well with whatever routing youre doing as well.
  8. wannacure, I wish you good luck - but Im going to try and play it safe.
  9. notyou, i would go if i wasnt on accutane. Its the only reason im staying behind. I dont expect a clear skin fairy to make a difference ... I just dont want to injure my liver or have a crappy time.
  10. Ive decided not to go .. my 4 friends will all be getting hammered nightly, and so I will stay this week at home. Oh well.
  11. and wanna can you link me to these faqs ... bc that would mean my derm is a complete*** quack .. and im pretty sure the brochure says to limit alcohol comsumption ..
  12. well we're going to Red Sox Spring Training which will be 4 games during the day.. but I guess if I go I will buy tons of sunblock .. and I am in college right now so I am sure my friends are going to want to get 'plastered' every night .. That's what Im worried about most. If only I could be honest with one or all of them and tell them Im on accutane .. but its my secret. #