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  1. Hey i'm actually going to taiwan next week lol shit i hope i dont break out, but differin worked for me when i had bad acne, but after using it for a year my acne came back. right now i use retin-a and it seems to be working knock on wood
  2. hey thanks a lot for the reply, really appreciate it ya it kinda seemed really expensive, also do you think chemical peels help? i'm scared that if i do it my face will get worse.
  3. i'm asian too and lol i don't know what to do my dermatologist told me that chemical peel doesn't help to get rid of the dark spots. he said that the light chemical peel was 120$ and the tca peel was 400$.
  4. I'm not saying chemical peels don't help, I just dont think they will work that great on asian skin tones. The risk is too much, you couold leave alot more hyperpigmentation then you already have. If anything go for a very superficial peel (the one that removes only removes the outermost epidermal layer of the skin). Anything below that will be seen as skin trauma buy your body immune system and will most likely trigger hyperpigmentation (in this case it can be severe). If you have some dark spo
  5. i asked my doctor about the tca peel (400$), and he told me it doesnt help against the red marks? i'm confused he wanted me to get laser if i wanted to get better results or i could just wait till the end of the year for the marks to leave themselves
  6. hey i was thinking about getting a chemical peel too for my dark spots, im gonna ask my dermatologist tommorow. hopefully it works i start school end of september
  7. do you guys think that chemical peels will help? i'm going to the dermatologist on july 23rd im gonna ask him if i should get one. I broke out around mayish, and now i use retin-a and it helped me clear up a lot and my skin is a lot smoother. the only complaint i have is the dark spots i have around my jawline. starting school end of september so i want my skin to look better
  8. I just started Retin-A Micro Yesterday, and hopefully my face will b clearer in 4 months lol cuz thats when i start college, and i dont want to have a pizza face
  9. Does this product work? I've been breaking it out lately near my jawline, and a little on my forehead. I've heard some pretty bad effects. What's your opinion on it?
  10. haha ya i get confused sometimes. they tell me it goes away then another person tells me thats a scar. i think i might get a chemical peel over the summer, so i could recover and not go outside
  11. Hey, i used to have bad acne, but now its under control. The problem is that i have dark spots from the acne, and mild scarring. Do you think i should use a chemical peel? My regimen is using differin, and a cetaphil moisturizer, and cetaphil cleanser. I also go to the dermatologist for microdermabrasion every 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your help! I have been battling acne for around 2 years now. I am going off to college next year, and I want to look my best before meeting new people.
  12. cool thanks a lot sid, i think im going to try it soon. hopefully it goes well for all of us haha