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  1. I've been using this product for roughly 2 weeks now, and I must say, it's been the ONLY effective topical medication I've used for acne since I first started using proactive (when I had like 3 spots) years ago. I've seen a definite improvement in my redmarks fading. It has especially reduced the blotchyness on the clump of redmarks on my cheeks. I will note, however, that I havn't put ANYTHING on my face except water since last Novemeber until this because the redmarks from post-acne was getti
  2. Check out the red marks board. There are tons of threads there; a common product is glycolic acid cleanser or toner.
  3. They seem to look pretty raw to me. I'm surprised, too, since it's been that long. Has there been virtually no inflamed acne since you started clearing on those cheeks? If so, you may want to consider a holistic approach (drink lots of water, exercise when you can, eat better, cut out junk food, and maybe fish oil capsules) instead of, or with, some kind of product. I know for me, it's helped a lot in improving my skin condition as a whole. The redness certainly has decreased markedly, and it's
  4. Should I buy the vita-k for blotchy skin or for acne scars to help with red marks? I ONLY have red marks left, and I havn't used a product on my face for MONTHS (best solution to get rid of active acne imo). But, my red marks are really, really bad so I wanted to try something that was effective but WON'T break me out so I have to start from square one again. edit: also if I buy the vita-k acne scar should I buy the regular one or the one with new ProVita-K Complex & Silica ? Thanks every
  5. You're female (I presume) so the sex/masturbation question doesn't really apply to you.
  6. got my redcross brand at target. you can order a different brand on amazon too
  7. How long were you taking it? I had read some previous threads here saying how it literally cleared some people in 1-3 days and for others it had no effect.
  8. I have this ear infection and I'm about to take these Amoxicillin caps to help it but I'm a little apprehensive because if it does by chance clear up my face too I know it's just going to come back after I stop taking it (and maybe worse is what I fear) I don't have much acne left - a couple papules on my right cheek that formed a few days ago that are healing and will be gone in a day or two. That's basically it..just redmarks after that but I'm still scared about the side effects. Anyone take
  9. I see..nothing. No one is ever going to judge you for not having a flawless complexion. Seriously, your skin looks great. You need to take the mental leap now and just forget about it because there really is NOTHING even minimally abhorrent on your face.
  10. any mirror in natural light is HORRRRRRRIBLE. especially car mirrors. I find avoiding looking in bad mirrors and only look in good mirrors really helps you stay stress free and aids in the recovery process. It's all psychological. Just resist the urge to feel bad about yourself!
  11. Anyone with darker/asian skin out there share their success stories with certain products for red marks? I've tried some in the past but I felt like it was really lightening my skin (like ACV) and thus making the red marks appear even more pronounced. So what worked for you and what would you recommend? BTW I'm currently on a do-nothing regime. I'm washing with water only and taking a zinc/fish oil supplement so I'm REALLY paranoid about breaking out (as I'm 95% clear of acne now) but the red
  12. i have never had side effects while smoking mj. i am accutane, still to drink and nothing happens to my face...like break out or something.

    I have stopped smoking cigars and weed for 1 month and never saw any improvment on my face. Breathing was better, many stuff...but the skin never...

    So relax if u are smoking its for some reason that i havent were able to avoid, and u like in someh

  13. something about how your face is slightly swelled in the morning