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  1. Yeah you're right . But there's nothing we can do except , waiting for the crazy hormones to regulate.
  2. What type of shaving creams should i buy ? i bought Gillette Foamy Menthol shaving cream ,, will it irritate my skin? please help.
  3. Okay .. This problem started like two weeks ago when i started shaving . And, i would get small bumps , and white pus will appear 1-2 days later. After one heals , another one would come . And so on , and so forth. Now , I have 4 pimples at THE SAME AREA. all closely packed, with white pus , imagine how disgusting that is . Actually , there were two , and then suddenly, after they healed, another two appeared just beneath them . Any recommendations ? IT'S STARTING TO ANNOY ME .
  4. Ok , ive been using Clindamycin for like a month or so .. I don't know whether it's working or not , but it's better than BP because i have lesser side effects(redness) . I heard about acne being immune to antibiotics and all , and the acne doubles after stopping it for like a period of time. While its early to stop now , should i stop using it , and go all natural ?I notice that after i use clindamycin , my face gets super super oily. Should i just cleanse with a mild cleanser twice a day, n
  5. Same here .. Whenever i rest , my face produces oil like some @#$^&. =.= I think , when you rest , you think alot before you sleep.. like maybe thinking of what happened today and all that. You get stressed.. unless you're very tired. I don't know . I think alot before i go to sleep. haha .
  6. Ive actually stopped BP ,like 3 months ago already, and started using clindamycin, becuz bp is killing me . And then , i switched to cetaphil .. its been a month now since ive used clindamycin and my face always gets super oily.. now .. im trying to not use it anymore , becuz ive already reduced the frequency of use to once a day.. hopefully , when i don't use it anymore , i wouldnt suffer from a flare up. =[ PS , i have mild-moderate acne. mild bottom area, moderate forehead. oily face. hah
  7. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE. My chin was totally clear this morning and then , in school , class was boring, so i lay my chin on my arm(with uniform) , and then , now , i felt a slightly painful bump which would either become a big one , or disappear soon(hope it disappears!!!) . So .. Touching your face really contributes to development of acne. Stop touching your damn faces !
  8. Just above the mouth and around the mouth. . TRust me it hurts like hell.
  9. I swear those little monsters like to appear on my forehead. - -
  10. Well , i stopped BP like about a month ago , and started using clinda Mycin . I don't know if it works, but it really doesnt cause redness much as what BP caused for me . Is it ok for me to use clindamycin ? it has lesser side effects than BP right ?
  11. do u have pics of your face ?